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My niece stayed with me for a week and being a single guy I wasn't ready to have a 9 year old under my feet all day long. The first night she got ready for bed and sat down beside in a long t-shirt but I could still see her pink panties. I found myself getting turned on by her.

The next night she worn a baby doll nighty and she sat on my lap as she told me how much fun she was having staying with me. I got a hard on and she wiggled her ass on me even more.

My friend sells drugs like coke and weed and shit like that and I got him to drop by with a couple roofies. When he seen my niece he wanted a piece of the action but I told him it wasn't for her which wasn't true. That night I give her a treat at bed time and when she went out cold I licked that tiny pussy of hers and pushed my cock in her mouth almost coming before I fucked her cherry cunt. Fuck she sure did bleed a lot more than I thought she would but I did her twice before cleaning her up and dressing her in her short t-shirt she had on that night.

In the morning she came down stairs saying something was wrong with her and she wanted me to look to see why she was so sore. She knows I know first aid so I had her take her panties off and I looked telling her she some how broke her hymen and the pain would go away in about a day. She asked me all about what a hymen is and what happens when it breaks and didn't she need to see a doctor and so on. I told her she would be fine and then about the birds and the bees in detail you could say.

Two days later before her bed time she said the pain was gone and that she would like to try the things I had told her about. I told her that I would be in trouble if anyone found out that we did such a thing and if she didn't tell anyone we could do somethings. Well we fucked twice that night and again in the morning and see can't seem to get enough of it. She is going to be one horny little slut and the boys are going to love her.