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I am in a relationship with a tranny for 7 months now. She is amazingly beautiful. Well i will not tell about how i got with her or what happened in those 7 months. Maybe i will tell that later. But this day, i can't forget this in my entire life. It was a normal day everything seems normal except her mood. She was angry on something and god knows what. We were in an extreme bondage type relation for a long time. Ropes play, whipping and torture was part of our everyday play means we used to do it quite often. So that day she was angry on something or maybe on me. She came to me and said that she had learned something new and want to try it on me. I was not excited of course because that was our daily routine. So i said no i am not in a mood. But as i said she was angry and she was my girlfriend so i had to listen to her. She took 2 ropes. Tied my both hands to the roof with one rope and with other rope tied my one leg folded. Now i was standing on one leg with both hands tied. I was a little shocked by the technique she tied me. It was quite a professional one. So i was standing on my one leg naked can't move can't do anything. I was all on her mercy now. She bring her weapons (for whipping). And started whipping me. My back was full exposed to her so she whipped me for 15-20 long minutes. It was intense than usual. I hope my neighbours didn't heard me screaming. After whipping me she got out of the room and left me hanging on one leg. I was in pain for sure because of that intense whipping. But i couldn't do anything except praying to god. After 10-15 mins she came back with a condom in his hand and a bottle of lube. I knew what was going to happen. In those 10-15 mins i don't know what she did outside the room. Took viagra maybe. I don't really know about it, its just a guess. So she put on the condom infront of my eyes and applied lube on her dick. She has a beautiful maybe 7.5 inch dick. She inserted her dick inside my ass. It was easy because of course it was not my first time. But something was different today, she was not fucking me with love, she was fucking me with anger like she want to take revenge. She was furious today. She fucked me deep inside my ass. She fucked me really fast and rough. After maybe 5 mins i couldn't handle it and i began to scream. Because she was not stopping. Her speed increased. I could hear the sound of my ass clapping with her very loudly. Suddenly she stopped so does my screaming. I thought this is it. She went out of the room once again and bring a piece of cloth. She covered my mouth with it tightly so i couldn't scream anymore. And that time i realized its not a good sign for me. She fucked me even harder this time, the difference was i couldn't scream this time. She fucked me for 30 long minutes. She cum inside my ass and after that left the room to maybe clean her dick. She untie me after 5 mins. She never fucked me for this much long before. Thats why i said she must have taken viagra. I cannot forget this day. Those 30 mins were so painful. I have watched so much shemale porn. But trust me i never saw any shemale fuck like this. So fast and so perfect. She have tried many techniques on me. But till now this was the best one. I love her. And i think we are living a perfect relation and perfect life. I love being a masochist and she love being a sadist. So we both are perfect in our places. P.s. i still dont know why was she angry that day.