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I am 43 and have been a widow for the last 4 years I have started drinking to fill the time before bed and it helps me sleep.

My Son came home from school and brought a friend his name is Ted. They are both juniors at Georgia State college and looked so much alike that they could have been twins. I have always thought that my son was very good looking, but now I know that there is another one like him.

Saturday night the boys went out and I had a few to many drinks and put on a nightgown and went to bed. Sometime during the night the boys came home and I heard Ted say your Mom is naked on the bed. My son Robbie said just go to bed don't mind her she a drunk again. I fell back to sleep.

Sometime later I felt someone climb on the bed and get between my legs I remember saying stop, the next thing I knew someone was licking my pussy I said stop, but he didn't and I must say it felt very good. No one had touched my pussy in over 4 years and even longer than that sense I had felt a tongue in my crack. I must say I was getting hot and wanted to climax and he was doing his best to give me what I wanted. I said don't stop eat me I am going to cum, oh yes i'm cumming and I did right in his face. He climbed up on me and started pushing his cock into me I was so wet he went inside and said you have a tight pussy lady. After a couple of minutes he said can I cum in you, I said yes give it to me and he did it felt so good I came again. He lay on top of me for the next couple minutes then said I have to go to the bathroom and I will be right back I want some more of that tight pussy, is it ok. I told him to hurry back. I lay there in the dark thinking can he get hard that fast, I hope he can I could take some more of that. I heard the bathroom door open and knew he was coming back he climbed on to the bed and up between my legs his cock was hard and he entered me I was wet and ready. He didn't say anything just started pumping my pussy some how his cock felt bigger and longer and I though that I was real tight from lack of use. Within the next minute or two I said I am going to cum again don't stop keep going and he did then he said oh Mom your pussy is wonderful you are a great fuck. It didn't register what he said until after I came and he said I have wanted to cum it your pussy for a long time. Ted! He said no Mom it's me. Then I screamed Robbie you can't do this i'm your Mother a Son can't do his Mother get your cock out of me. Mom you were enjoying it and wanted more let me stay inside you. No, No please get off me. Ted came to the side of the bed and was hard again and said open your mouth and suck my cock. I said no I don't do that he pulled my head to the side of the bed and held my nose and I opened my mouth and he stuck his cock in my mouth, now suck while Robbie bangs your pussy. Robbie had on mercy and was pumping my pussy hard while Ted was jerking off in my mouth. Suck this load in and swallow it Ted said as he started cumming in my mouth. Robbie said here comes a load for your pussy and he drove his cock deep inside me and it felt like right through me.

I lay there on the bed crying and the boys left the room the taste of cum was in my mouth and my pussy was leaking more juice, how would I ever face them again.