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My Sister share the same bedroom she is 16 and I am 12 all she does is talk on the phone to her boyfriend. Dad gets real mad when she won't hang up and swears he will take her phone away, but he never does.

Last month he came in our room late and she was still on the phone they started yelling at each other and woke me up. I just laid there pretending to be asleep. Dad got on her bed and was trying to get the phone away from her when he pulled her night gown up and she had no panties on .

He said is that what your boyfriend wants your little pussy and then he put his hand between her legs and grabbed a hand full of her pussy.

She said he has already had it. He said did it feel like this and he stuck his finger into her. She screamed and said that hurts. He didn't stop and she tried to get away, but he held on tight to her hairy pussy. I think you need a good fuck girl he said. You are going to wake up Sis and she will run for Mom she yelled. Mom is out and so is your Sis so go ahead and scream all you want he told her.

He pushed her back on the bed and opened his pants and took out his cock it was big and hard and red. He said you are going to take all of this you little whore now open your cunt. I was so afraid I didn't dare to move.

Daddy please don't do this to me my Sister cried, but that didn't stop him. She said your cock is to big for me please don't do it. To late here in goes into you he said wow your pussy is real tight. Your cock is breaking me open she said. It's going all the way into your fuck hole girl he blurted.

I just lay there watching him push up her nightgown and grab her breasts and keep pushing his cock into her. She was crying, but he didn't stop then all of a sudden he backed off and took his cock in his hand and jumped forward on to her chest and said open you mouth and taste my cum. He started jerking off in her face she tried to move, but he was to strong and slapped her face and she opened her mouth and he shot some cum in her mouth and all over her face. I hope you enjoyed that I think you can be a good piece of ass if you work at it he told her.

When Mom came home Sis told her what had happened and she through Dad out I have not seen him in over a month. I miss him, but I am afraid of him he could do that to me someday. Mom had a talk with us about sex and not to give it away.