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My husband and I successfully run a business together for the last 30 years. We have a great sex life meaning we fuck at least twice a week. He taught me how to love anal as much a vaginal but that is a different story.

Some times when we are in bed he will tell me erotic stories. My favorite ones are when I am in the story as a little girl of Middle School or High School. And Mr Davis (his name) is a teacher, coach or neighbor.

Recently he told me a story about 12 year old Beth and how she starts visiting Mr Davis who lives down the alley. In the story Mr Davis over the coarse of the summer show Beth his cock and eventually shows her how it shoots cum and then eventually by the end of the summer she is sucking and swallowing his cum.

The story has a lot of details that really makes me wet and by the time the story is over (over the course of several nights) I am really thinking that I would like to do something that I have always hated. Don't get me wrong, I love his cock in my mouth I just don't want to swallow his come.

We never roll play but on this occasion I asked if we could roll play this story. The whole story slowly introduces cum tasting little by little over several encounters. So first I'm tasting a drop on my finger. Next a drop on his cock. Each time Mr Davis is shooting his cream across a table and Beth gets to watch it shoot out. Building up to Beth learning to do hand jobs and eventually blow jobs. Cum eating is slowly building up in the story and in our bedroom. Within two weeks of the story Little Beth is sucking Mr Davis' cock and swallowing his cream and so is adult Beth. I love it.

As a result I suck and swallow his cum probably twice a week and I thought that this would mean that he probably wouldn't be horny enough to fuck me but we are now fucking maybe four times a week. If I suck him before work than I know I will be fucked after work.

Guys, just take it slow you might be able to teach your girl how to swallow your load.

Maybe next time I will tell you how he taught me to love being fucked in the ass.