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I grew up in an all white school. I saw plenty of other guys' cocks in Gym class. Every guy I saw had about the same size cock as mine and I never thought anything about it. I was rather short and thin and my cock is five to six inches when hard. I figured this was about standard for a man. A couple years after high school I finally got a girlfriend. She was about my height and very pretty. She had really nice tits and the first time she sucked my cock I felt like I would blow her head off when I came. She took it all without missing a beat. After a couple months of us fucking she started comparing me to her last boyfriend Daniel. She never said anything about him except that his cock was a lot bigger than mine and if I wanted to really learn how to fuck I should take lessons from him. I was rather put off by the comparisons but her incessant comparisons were getting to me. She said he could fuck for hours and cum multiple times in one night. When I asked why she left him she said he was too pushy, forcing her to do things she didn't want to do and controlling her in nearly every aspect of her life. After making me feel like shit for so long I insisted on meeting this Daniel. She said she would set it up and maybe then I would be able to finally fuck her to orgasm.

It was a Friday night and we were to eat at her place. I got there about 6:30 and when she let me in he was there. Daniel was a tall, well built black man. That surprised me. I shook his hand and she disappeared into her bedroom. He invited me to sit on the couch next to him. When I sat he said, "So, Sheila said you fuck like a little sissy and I need to show you what it is to really fuck with a man-sized cock." I was a little apprehensive, then downright scared when he pushed me to the carpet on my belly and pulled my hands behind me. I couldn't believe how strong he was. He was manhandling me. He tied them behind me and rolled me over. He then took my pants and shorts off. I was naked from the waste down. He started to slowly stroke my cock, and as much as I resisted I felt myself getting hard. I verbally protested but he said this was how it had to be. He promised Sheila he would show me.

After a couple of minutes he got up and stripped. He had rippling muscles and when I looked at his cock it was at least two inches longer than mine and he was only half hard. "So, what now?" I asked. "Well," he said. "First you're gonna suck my cock and then I'm gonna treat your ass to a real fucking." That scared me. "No, I don't think that'll work" I answered rather timidly. He laughed and straddled my chest. My hands were tied behind me so I couldn't fight and when he put his uncut cock up to my lips I tried to avert my face away from him. But when He held my nose I opened my mouth to get a breath he shoved his cock in. I wasn't gay and had no intention of sucking his cock but it was kind of late for that. He started to slowly mouth fuck me and I felt when his foreskin popped over the head. He got hard quickly and fucked my mouth until I started to not hate it. My cock was still hard ten minutes later. I had my eyes closed and found myself actively sucking him. Without warning he pulled my head forward and emptied his nuts into my mouth. He came and I swallowed. It was a crazy amount of cum compared to me. When he was spent he kept his cock in my mouth and told me to suck him hard again. I felt I had no choice, but in fact I kind of wanted to. I sucked him for another 20 minutes and he was finally hard.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and rolled me over. I had forgotten totally about what he said initially until I felt a wet finger starting to penetrate my asshole. I tried to wiggle away but he stopped me. He forced my legs apart a bit and held them apart with his knees and started to finger fuck me. This was a new experience and it hurt at first. He fingered me for about five minutes and stretched me enough that he finally had three fingers in my ass. It made me feel sort of full and was a really strange feeling when he pulled his fingers out of my ass. Then I felt his cock at my ass opening. I felt him slowly push in and his hard cock stretched my asshole back open as he inched his way in. I felt really full then. He laid on top of me with his cock most of the way in my ass. I was begging him to stop and noticed Sheila sitting on the couch watching us. When I looked puzzling at her she just shrugged. My ass was adjusting to his giant cock inside me and then he started fucking me. He brushed against my prostate with each thrust and it kept my cock hard. She was right when she said he could fuck for hours. It seemed like hours when he pulled out and turned me over. He pushed my legs up toward my chest and shoved his cock back in. "I find I get deeper penetration this way" he said. I was done trying to fight him, and besides I was really liking this. He unbuttoned my shirt and started to abuse my nipples as he fucked me. Sheila always said my nipples were tied to my cock. She must be right because him playing with my nipples and fucking made me cum without even touching it. He laughed and said "It always happens this way." After I came he fucked me harder and faster until I felt his warm cum oozing out of my ass. He finally pulled his cock out of my ass. He wiped it off on my shirt and got dressed. Without another word he walked out.

Sheila must have had this planned. She rolled me over and untied my hands. As she walked out she said she couldn't fuck a little cock like mine anymore. She told me to lock up on the way out. I discovered that night that I liked having a cock in both my mouth and my ass. After some searching I finally found another man who could satisfy me like Daniel did. We've lived together for a year now and I get fucked at least four times a week and will suck his cock anytime and anywhere he wants. All because of a big black cock named Daniel and that cunt Sheila.