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My wife and I have been married for 20 years we have had sex in every way that you can think of and we were getting bored with each other. We are still very much in love.

My wife read about putting the spark back in to our love life by adding a new partner. I wasn't sure I liked the idea of her with another guy and she said you can try another girl if you want. I told her what about std's she said we would be care full who we picked out.

I told it can be someone we know it would have to be someone we just picked up, she agreed.

So on Friday night I went to a bar across town and talked to a few girls, but not one would come home with me, so I came home alone.

The next night my wife went out to see if she could do better I was sure she would. She looks great for her age and has keep her body in good shape.

We are in our 40's and still go to the gym and walk and run on the weekend.

Saturday night she came home about 11:00 with a young man that looked about 30. I hide so he wouldn't see me as we had planned they sat on the couch and my wife got him a drink. The man started kissing her and feeling her body she dropped the straps on the top of her dress and he started sucking her tits. I started getting hot just watching them.

She lead him into the bedroom and he took off his shirt and started pulling at her dress. She told him to sit on the bed and she would give him a show, she started dancing around the room taking off her clothes as she danced. He removed his pants as he watched her she was down to her g string and he had all of his clothes off even his underwear. She moved over to him and he began licking her string and pulled on it so he could see her pussy.

She turned around and he started licking her ass she stuck in right in his face he spread her checks and licked her asshole and pussy.

From where I was I couldn't see the size of his and that worried me, just then he stood up and wow his cock was bigger than mine, longer and thicker.

He pushed her down to sit on the bed and told her to suck him she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking his cock and balls.

My own cock was hard by now and I wished that she was sucking me instead of him. She stopped and told him to lay down on the bed he did and she went right back to sucking his cock then he turned over and she began licking his ass. He said lick my asshole woman she did and he pushed his ass up in her face she had never done that for me. He said that's enough I want some 69 so get your cunt up here she did as he said now I could watch her suck his cock without him seeing me as his head was between her legs eating her. All of a sudden my wife said stick you tongue in me i'm going to cum, suck my cunt she screamed i'm cumming, i'm cumming. He was lapping her like a lap dog and she was loving every minute of it. she lay there on top of him without moving, but he was still licking her pussy and sucking on the lips.

She rolled off him and his cock stood up and wanted more, he got off the bed and I just moved in time or he would have seen me. He turned her around and spread her legs and told her now you get some cock he got between her legs and began rubbing his cock up and down her crack. When the head went in she gasped go easy your cock is bigger that I am use to. You are going to get all of it deep inside you he said. He pushed more of it into her and said your little pussy is tight, but my cock will change that. I couldn't believe my ears when my wife said give me all of that big thing I love it and reached up and grabbed his ass and pulled him into her. That's it shove it all the way in harder fuck me harder she cried out. I stood there with my mouth open I had never heard my wife talk like this before. He said i'm going to full your cunt with cum are you ready? Yes she said cum inside me fill me up make me cum.

I'm cumming he said and she said so am I fuck me harder. I have never seen two people have harder sex in my whole life. They lay there him inside her and her acting like she wanted more.

After a few minutes he said when I pull it out it's your job to clean it. She said yes I will suck it take it out. He took his cock out of her and she put it in her mouth and sucked and licked every bit of pussy juice and cock cum off from it.

He told her she was the best piece of ass he had ever had. She thanked him and said I can never see you again. He got dressed and left and I came into the room she was laying there on the bed with her legs spread and she said that was great did you see how big his cock was? Yes and I saw that you seemed to love it I told her. I love you she said, but he did have a nice big cock.

We never did that again, after a couple of days her cunt shrunk back to my size, but I noticed that she likes to suck cock more that ever.