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Mom always bathed me, right from infancy, and when I was about eleven, I had my first erection while she was soaping me up, standing in the bath. She was amused, and giggly, and said "Wow! You're so lucky! Let me show you something! You'll love it!" and I received my first hand-job, which she dragged out endlessly, as I was crazy with this wonderful new feeling! "You like that, huh? You want more of that? Lots more?" I was agreeing frantically, and she said "well there's a price to pay! Same one your father had to pay, until he chickened out and left!" I was like "Anything!!! I'll do it! Just don't stop! Please, Mom?" So I learned about bondage, and what it was like to be tied to my bed, and have my mom work her hot slippery sex, back and forward over my nose and mouth, ending in my sucking her clit for hours, while she played with me, never letting me come....always knowing exactly when to stop, and exhort me to greater efforts on her, before resuming her wicked torment. We did this constantly, every day and night, and I could never get enough of it, and would have done anything to make it continue endlessly! "I used to LOVE to tie your father up, but he chickened out and ran away! But you are coming to enjoy it all, I can tell, and I think you're ready for some advanced "treatment"! I protested that I was absolutely delighted with what we did, but she insisted, and I ended up trussed up in an old hooded rain-jacket of hers, dirty olive green, with a black rubber lining, even in the attached hood, which soon clung tightly to my face, leaving only a small sort of puckered opening right over my mouth. Comfortably but inescapably tied into this ancient hooded coat thing, I was gently and delightfully introduced to actual intercourse, as she lay on me, moving slowly and deeply up and down on my rock-hard thingy, her tongue deep in my mouth, through the small opening over it! We alternated these tactics, and the months became years, as I in particular, lost interest in most of what was going on outside the house, getting good grades, to please Mom, and returning home as quickly as possible, to "assume the position" as she put it! Now, years later, Mom is gone, and I am married to an older woman, who delights in being what she calls a "controlling bitch" as we continue with the activities that have consumed half of my life, all these years!