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Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been getting fucked. My uncle was the first one to have my hole.

He was so perverted and society tells me I should hate him, but I fucking miss it all.

When I was really little he would offer to babysit me and he trained me, and would make me sit with my legs open so he could see my tiny little cunt covered in my little panties. He would eventually rub my lips and clit through my panties until he got hard and then he would pull my panties across to expose my little pussy.

He would sniff and lick me and play with my lips and clit...even though I was little I would feel my belly full with butterflies and he always knew I liked it.

Then he would lay on the floor or the bed and make me take my panties off and he taught me how to wrap my baby pussy lips around his big man dick. I would then slide up and down his shaft, jerking it off with my cunt. He would talk dirty to me, sometimes fingering my arse and slapping me...he was really rough sometimes but as I grew older I loved being submissive to him.

Eventually he would cum and make me lick it up...sometimes he would eat me for a while afterwards. I don’t remember having an orgasm till I was a bit older but I do remember pissing.

He would also make me toilet in front of him, and he loved to finger my arse while I shit onto his hand ... when he was being really mean he would make me lick his fingers...I used to hate it but now that I’m older I love thinking about all of it.

As I got older her started fucking my arse and eventually started penetrating my cunt hole with his dick...at first he would just feed the head of it in and tell me how good it looked when my cunt was being spread by his cock.

Oneday I was about 7, he made me sit on his dick and slide like I always had, and he was getting so worked up and when I slid to the top he grabbed my hips and sat me over the tip of his dick, I was used to letting the head in me by now and I didn’t flinch, but he grabbed me hard and forced his dick into me, it fucking hurt my cunt so bad, but he pushed it all the way through. I screamed and I thought I was going to cry but I also felt so full. I was stretched wide open and he was just saying ‘fuck me you’re baby cunt feels so good’

He made me look at my little bald pussy being stretched by his big man dick and told me I was such a grea slut, he told me that all the time, and I loved hearing it.

He started to lift me up and down, talking dirty about how good my cunt felt. I was sore but the full feeling so so good, when he bottomed our in my cunt I thought he was going to break me but it also felt so good. I was addicted to having his dick after that.

He would fuck my arse and my pussy, sometimes giving me enemas and making me hold them while he fucked my arse, and I could never hold them. He fucked me my whole Childhood and as I got older he would give me meth and make the dog fuck me and I would suck the dog too.

Once he had a female Dog over and he made me watch him fuck her and I had to eat the cum out of her hole. I felt so sorry but I loved it. Sometimes he would have friends fuck me too and take pics of me.

My favourite was when he lets the dog fuck my arse while he dusted me, it always made me feel full and filthy.

I.m married now and my uncle is in jail for fucking minors (not me) but I miss him. My husband doesn’t know how filthy I am and I wish he did. He lets me eat his arse but that’s as dirty as he gets. I love him Bhutan I wish he was a filthy cock.