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This happened a few years ago. I was on a cruise with my wife, and her parents. It was a seven day cruise and we were on the fourth day. I was getting a little bored with doing the same thing everyday, so I decided to go to the steam room after my workout. I usually only go to dry sauna, so the wet steam room was new to me.

A little back ground on me. At the time I was 30 and had been married for about 5 years. I have always been really sexual, I would consider myself tri-sexual, meaning I will try anything sexual...lol. I am mostly straight, I absolutely love to have sex with women, but I have been with a few men also. I had never been fucked by a guy until this cruise.

As I entered the steam room I wasn't really thinking that I could get lucky but I was only wearing a towel around my waist just in case I met someone that would want to play. The room was full of steam, so heavy that you could barely see. I was walking with really small steps until I could see the benches to sit on. I made my way around the room following the benches. There was only one guy in there, a black guy, and he had a towel around him hiding his cock. I moved on around the room and sat down just a few feet from him. From this distance I could still see him, but not very well. I leaned back on the wall and started breathing in the steam and started to relax. I decided to open my towel to let anyone else coming in see my cock. I stroked it a couple of times to get it semi-hard.

I sat there for a couple of minutes and looked back over toward the black guy. I couldn't see him very well, but I could tell that he had opened up the towel and was now sitting there with his cock out in view. I could see his cock very well, so I decided to move over a little closer to him. I stood up while leaving my towel on the bench, turned around, picked up my towel and started folding it, and placed it on the bench closer to him.

As I was doing this, I was thinking that I had never had a black cock before. I had had black guys suck me off, but I had never touched a black cock before. I was a little nervous, but was very excited at the thought of sucking a big black cock. This made my cock get really hard. I didn't notice that I was completely hard until I sat back down.

I looked over toward the black guy. Being this close, about 4 feet away, I could see his cock and it was big and sticking straight up. I looked up at his face and his head was leaned back against the wall with his eyes closed. I looked back down at his cock and it looked amazing, like one of those big black cocks you see in porn videos. My eyes were locked on his cock, it had to be at least 8 inches and thick. I didn't even realize it, but I had instinctively started to slowly stoke my own cock. My heart was racing as I sat there wondering if I could get that big thing down my throat. I kept glancing up to his face to see if he would give me a signal or something. He kept his eyes closed, but he stroked his cock a few times. I didn't know what to do. I really wanted to suck him, but how did I know for sure he wanted me too without him giving me a look or something. I sat there still watching him and after another couple of minutes he gave his monster a couple more strokes.

With that, I decided, he must want me to play with it or he wouldn't have stroked it. So with my heart pounding and my hands shaking I stood up and walked over and knelt down in front of him. I looked up and his eyes were still closed. I leaned forward and without touching him in any other way, I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I kept looking at his face, he still didn't open his eyes. I started to swirl my tongue around the base of his head. I heard him let out a little moan. That was all I needed to hear. I started bobbing up and down taking his BBC into my mouth. His cock was so thick that when it hit my throat it didn't want to go down. But after a few time of pushing down on it, I finally got it to go into my throat. It actually hurt a little because it was stretching my throat open. I took him all the way in and stayed there as long as I could. When I came up for air, I looked up at him and his eyes were open. He was looking down at me and was smiling. He put his hands on my head and started guiding me up and down on his beautiful cock. I kept taking him all the way in and fucking his cock with my throat. I could feel his cock getting really hard and I knew he was close to cumming. I pulled off him and started playing with his balls and slowly stroking his cock with my hand. I wanted to make this last as long as I could.

I licked and sucked on his balls for a bit and licked up and down his shaft, then took him back in and deep throated him again. While he was balls deep in my throat, my knees were starting to hurt being on the hard floor, so I kept him in my mouth, but stood up. This made my ass stick straight out. I kept sucking him in this position. When he was all the way in my throat again, I felt a hand on my ass.

I had been so lost in this BBC I didn't even notice someone else had came in. The hand massaged my ass a little but quickly found it's way to my cock. My cock was the hardest it had ever been. This guy knew how to stroke a cock, his hands were amazing. One hand was massaging my ass and the other stroking my cock. I spread my legs really wide to give him better access. I was enjoying the BBC so much that I didn't even look around to see who it was.

I kept working on the monster in my mouth when I felt a warm mouth on my cock. The guy behind me had sit on the floor and slide up under me and was now sucking my cock. I was so turned on, that I started cumming in only about 30 seconds of being in his mouth. He was a pro, he swallowed every drop of my cum and kept sucking. This caused me to moan on the BBC that was going in and out of my throat. This put him over the edge and he started cumming. He grabbed the both sides of my head and shoved his cock as deep as it would go into my throat. His spasms were hard and kept going. I couldn't hold him in my throat long enough and had to pull off. I got the last two strings of cum in my mouth. It tasted really good. I kept sucking him. His cock started to get soft, but I just kept sucking. I wanted to make him cum in my mouth again. The guy that was under me had stopped sucking my cock and was now behind me again licking and tonguing my ass hole. I didn't know who this guy was, but he really knew how to make an ass feel good. He was sticking his tongue as deep as he could into my ass and it felt amazing. He was sticking his fingers into my ass also opening up my man pussy.

The BBC was starting to get hard again. I started deep throating him again and he was moaning and guiding my head with his hands. The guy behind me stood up and grabbed my hips. He pulled my ass up so it was inline with his cock and before I knew what was happening his cock was sliding into my ass.

I had never been fucked before. I thought it would hurt, but since he had opened me up with his tongue and fingers, his cock went it me really easy. When he was balls deep he started fucking me. I could feel his balls slapping against mine. I was lost in pleasure, I had never felt sensations like this before. This made me really want to make this BBC cum in me again. It didn't take the guy behind me long to shoot his cum deep in me. As he finished, he slapped my ass a couple of times with his cock and then was gone.

My ass was still up in the air and feeling very empty. I started moving it around hoping to find something to go back into it.

The BBC in my mouth was hard as a rock again and he was fucking my mouth/throat as fast and as hard as I would let him. Then I thought, I would love to see if I could get this BBC all the way into my ass. The guy must have read my mind because he pushed my head away and reached out for my cock and pulled me to him and spun me around.

He guided my ass hole down onto his BBC. As I lowered myself down onto his hard cock, I was happy the guy from before had left his cum inside me. If he hadn't I don't think I would have been able to take such a big cock.

I had leaned forward and was backing up/down onto his cock, and after a few tries, his cock was buried all the way inside me. I rode his cock like it was the last cock I would ever get. He was moaning and pulling me back to go as deep as he could.

My legs were getting tired and about to give out. I pulled up off of him, turned around, grabbed his BBC, and pulled him up. As I did this I turned and put my hands down on the bench and stuck my ass up in the air as far as I could. He didn't waste any time and shoved his hard cock back inside me. It felt so amazing, I didn't want him to ever stop fucking me.

In this position he was hitting my prostate and it was causing me to feel like I was going to cum. And after about 3 minutes of him fucking me like this my cock started shooting cum like crazy. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. My orgasm caused my ass to pulse and squeeze his cock which made him start to cum. He flooded my ass with his cum. I felt so full, so satisfied. When he was done cumming, he pulled out and he also slapped my ass a few times with his cock. I turned and sat on the bench. As I looked around I saw his ass disappear into the steam.

I sat there with cum running out of my ass, breathing hard, and felt so satisfied. I grabbed my towel and put it back under me and was trying to gather myself before I left the room. Then I realized that neither one of us said a word during the entire encounter, and I didn't even know what the first guy to fuck me looked like. I knew what the BBC looked like but I was so intrigued by his cock, I don't think I could have picked him out of a line up, unless it was a line up of cocks....lol.

I was getting ready to leave when a guy came in and sat right beside me and asked me how I was doing. I told him that I had just sucked a BBC and been fucked by two cocks one of them being the BBC that I had just sucked. He looked at me kinda strangely and opened his towel, his cock was already hard. I will tell about him later.