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My wife's a fucking cold fish. We fucked like rabbits the first three years of our marriage. I don't know what happened but the sex seemed to taper off, and at 40 she decided she didn't want sex anymore. Well, fuck, what was I supposed to do? I joined Community Theater. At the first rehearsal I met Karen. She was a little heavy but had olive skin and a gorgeous mouth. She was one of the most sensuous women I'd ever met. We chatted a bit and I told her I'd been married for about 15 years. At the third rehearsal she said, "Can I be bold for a minute?" I shook my head yes. "How's your sex life?" I kinda changed the subject. Then she said, "That's all I needed to know." Then she leaned really close and put her hand on my cock and said, "I can make you cum harder than you've ever cum in your life." Then she took her hand off my cock and we went about our business in rehearsal.

I thought about her for the next two days and couldn't wait for rehearsal again. During one of our breaks she came over and sat next to me. There was nobody else around, and she put her hand on my cock and said, "I swallow" and got up and walked away. Oh fuck, I thought. When rehearsal was over that night she asked if I could give her a ride home. When we got in my minivan she said we had a detour first. She directed me down a dirt road and told me to pull off onto the shoulder. It was pitch black and we were in the middle of nowhere. Then she said "I really need your cock. Take your pants off. She got out and opened the side door. I followed her into the back and sat on the bench seat. She undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles, then pulled them off. I let her lead. She bent down and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking my cock. Fuck she was good. Her lips were like feathers on my cock and I got harder than ever. I finally told her I was about to cum and she said, "If I swallow will you sill kiss me?" I said "Oh fuck yeah." I started cumming and she started swallowing. She took all that I gave her. When I was spent she got on top of me and kissed me. My tongue explored the inside of her mouth and I could taste my cum on her tongue.

She said "that's so fucking hot" as we made out. Then she said "My cunt is so wet I need you to cool it off." We switched places and I proceeded to lick her cunt to orgasm. She even squirted a bit into my mouth. Oh fuck she was hot. Her cunt was shaved except a diamond patch above her clit. I licked her cunt and sucked on her clit so hard she nearly cried as she orgasmed. When I finally drove her home she invited me in. I was in an overstuffed chair and she came over and straddled me. We made out and I pulled her blouse off. Her nipples stood out like little soldiers and as I played with them she wiggled her pussy on my cock. She got off of me and took my pants down. She bent down and before she took my cock in her mouth she said "This is the first time I came by just playing with my nipples." She proceeded to suck my cock until I filled her mouth again. She said her ex husband never let her swallow and never let her play with his nuts.

The next rehearsal we were acting normal, but when rehearsal was over I asked her if she needed a ride home. When she accepted I took her home. We had a couple of beers and she sat on the couch next to me. Then she said, "I have a fantasy. I've always wanted to finger fuck a man with my fingers. You up for it?" I hemmed and hawed but finally said "I guess we could try it." She stripped me and told me to sit in the overstuffed chair. She pulled me so my ass was at the end of the chair and when she started to suck my cock she started to play with my asshole. Within minutes her fingers, two of them were in my ass and she was finger fucking me. Then a third finger entered and I said "oh fuck yeah. My wife never does that." She replied, "Maybe, but I do. Honey, anything you want I'll be happy to do." I then asked "Can I fuck you in the ass?" She didn't say anything but just turned around and sat on my cock, my cock plunging into her asshole. The bounced up and down yelling for me to make it hurt. I fucked her as hard as I could and when I came in her ass she yelped a little. When I pulled my cock out of her ass she quickly turned around and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked me until I got hard and came a second time. It took a little while but she managed to make me cum a second time in one night, something my wife has never made me do.

We spent the rest of the play sucking and fucking. We explored every hole with every appendage and by the end of the play I even talked my wife into ass play and even swallowing my cum when she sucked me to orgasm. It was a few weeks with another woman but it increased my sex life with my wife more than I ever imagined.