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I am black female petite..older now when I was 6-9 I use to do padgents and runway shows..I knew bout sex I use sit on my cousin lap and watch him while I play sleep, one show I was top 10 and go sent to Atlantic City so a day or so get there..its just my mom and cousin that night, I wanted my cousin to hang out so I put on these short shorts and sexy top I was like 8 by then almost he came and was like you think you grown, me I giggled and said I am so what before he came I was watchin porn, i asked him can we play mommy and daddy he said he was goin boardwalk so I followed with baby heels on he told me to wait we was in front of Taj he already knew somebody i guess they went to bench, i am wondering whats going on i see hands on nose and her sniffing all of sudden the guys head go cousin lap i didnt understand i walk close they were doing coke and playin with each other my reaction wow fast forward he told me we are going have fun tonight its like 1am by now my little ass walkin with him down alley by stripclub he pulls his dick out 9-10in I was drawn to it more being outside i grabbed it kneel down start sucking i heard footsteps after while lady walk back and was staring thinking of all the porn i got up mouth still on dick arch my ass, by this time i hear voices up sidewalk few guys walking i wispher I want them he still stroking in my mouth i hear guy say damnn she dont care,my cousin grabs my ass and ask the guys like who ballin or got cash he said something like $80 head $140 all kink. It was like 6 guys mexican and white my cousin held his finger to my nose said sniff so i did without ? Mind started racing they all takin pics of me walkin go to stairs in casino I see them pullin out dicks i pull down shorts sit on stair and sucked each one started getting real aggrsssive face fuck, sicking 2 at once i had to pee so i started twerking and pissing foot on rail they love that, most dicks was 7 to 9 inches I took one after another so few start cumming on my face and in me, 2 left one was in front of me other behind it felt so dirty i let the guy i was sucking pee in my mouth..after they all came my cousin took me to his room where he gave me $30 from that and brought a girl and let me watch..I am now 18 and addicted to going to motel meeting strangers