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I've been renting a room from Carl and Brenda for almost a year. They are both in their 50's and Brenda, even though a lot older than me, is an attractive woman an knows it. Carl works nights every other week and when he does work night shift Brenda always manages to expose herself just by what she is or isn't wearing. Its noticeable that she never wears underwear when Carl works nights and thinks nothing of being in front of me in night cloths. Most of which are either very sheer or to short and positions herself so that either her breasts, ass or vagina are exposed to me. Some nights sitting in the kitchen I get such an erection I want to jerk off right away but always wait until I go to my room. I have been able to take a few pictures with my cell phone. Its clear to me she does this on purpose especially when she invites me downstairs for cake or pie. If she wears the short night gowns I always get a look at her ass and vagina which she keeps shaven. I almost choke on the pie or cake sometimes when she sets back her chair exposing her vagina. The long night gowns are sheer and most low cut that's when she is able to expose her breasts. This never happens when Carl is home so I know for sure she is an exhibitionist and I have no intention of moving. I do masturbate a lot and every night Carl works night shift.