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Before we were married my wife sucked my cock. Not just sucked it, but sucked it and swallowed every bit of my cum. She did this two nights in a row. I thought I was in heaven. I loved her for more than her oral abilities but I thought I would get my cock sucked whenever I needed it. When we got married, we first fucked on our wedding night. Since that time she would suck me but not swallow any of my fucking cum.

Because she is so prudish now and won't even suck me I've been finding women, and now men to suck my cock. I've grown accustomed to sucking a nice cock and have even been fucked a number of times I really like a nice cock in my ass, but before I'll let a man fuck me I'll suck his cock. Sometimes I'll make him cum in my mouth and get him hard a second time, but sometimes I'll just lay on my back and tell him to fuck me. I love sucking cock now and being fucked. I've been married for 38 years now and the only sexual activity I get is on some Friday nights with another man. I wish I had discovered this years ago. I fucking love cock.