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I dared my wife to flash a trucker we were passing and she pulled her top down showing off her 34 C's. The driver honk his horn and she had a smile from ear to ear. When we got home she was all over me as soon as the door closed behind us.

I had a couple friends coming over so I dared her to wear a mini skirt with the sheer panties I had got for her. After my buddies showed up she walked in wearing the mini skirt pulled up so it was just inches from her ass. I wondered if her had the panties I wanted her to wear on and she bent over to get something from a drawer and my buddy stopped talking as his eyes went big. I could see what he was seeing but he had a hard time taking his eyes off my wife. When she sat down I saw what he had seen and she didn't have any panties on and she had shaved her pussy bare. After my friends left she jumped on me yelling for me to fuck her. She was so fucking wet it was running down her thighs.

She works in a office and she started working late a couple times a week and I started to wonder if she was up to something so the one night when she got home she headed straight for the shower and I checked her clothes she had been wearing. First she had no panties and her skirt had a very large wet spot that didn't just look like it was from her pussy juice alone. I work in a lab so I took some of the juice from her skirt to check the next day. When she came to bed she wanted to lights off when she climbed in which is not normal. I could see a bruise on her right tit had looked almost like finger prints, she said she had done it checking for lumps that morning. I didn't believe her.

The next day when I checked what I had got off her skirt I found there was sperm a long with her pussy juice but when I did a DNA check on the sperm I found it was from 3 different men. I guess I should of known she may get carried away with showing off cause she did say when my buddies left that night that she was so hot that she was about to fuck all of us.

The next time she said she had to work late I drove over to her office which is on the ground floor and even thou I couldn't see in I could hear her yelling for them to fuck her harder and some dude saying "Drink it slut, I know you like drinking it all." I waited near her car for her to come out watching to see who she had been fucking and that turned out to be a shock cause one was her boss which I kind of knew but the next guy was this huge black guy and the next and last guy really shocked the shit out of me cause it was my own fucking brother.

When she walked out she wasn't walking to straight having just fucked all of them and when she got to her car I walked up behind her pushing my hand under her skirt cupping what was running out of her and slapping it in her face telling her she missed some of what the guys had give her.

She is now out of my life with only the clothes on her back and I told my brother that if I ever see him again he better have hid life insurance paid up cause his wife will be needing it.

It started as a bit of fun but who would think it would go that far. I guess when you marry a good church girl when she lets her hair down LOOK OUT.