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A few months ago my hubby and I went to one of his office parties. About 9:30 people started to leave. We were both a little drunk so we stayed for a bit longer. By 10:30 it was just the four of us, Don and Tammy, my husband Terry and me. We were still drinking and just chatting when Tammy said we should play a game. She said this game was really fun with four drunks. We all said sure. She said it was "Truth or Dare." I thought this was a little immature but they all wanted to play so I agreed. We did a few rounds and about the third time of me telling the truth I chose a dare. Tammy dared me to kiss Don. I had never strayed in 10 years of marriage but Terry said it was the rules and I had to do it. I walked over to the couch and sat between Don and Tammy and let Don kiss me. Nothing too exciting. Then it was Terry's turn and I dared him to kiss Don. He gave a strange look but when I told him it was the rules he sat on the couch next to Don and kissed him. Even though I was quite drunk I thought it was hot, and in my drunken state I said as much.

When it was Tammy's turn Terry told her to kiss me. Tammy was giggling when she took my face in her hands and kissed me. It was soft and exciting but got even hotter when she stuck her tongue in my mouth. She moaned a little and dropped her hand to my breast. When we broke the kiss I sighed and looked over at Terry. His eyes were glued to my tits and he was rubbing his cock through his pants. On my next turn Don dared me to take my top and bra off. "What the fuck" I thought, but took my blouse and bra off. My nipples were about half hard. Then Tammy's turn came and Terry dared her to do the same. Here we were, the two women half naked playing an infantile game of "Truth or Dare." The next two rounds found us kissing and feeling each other's tits. Then I chose "Truth." Don asked me, "Tell the truth, you want to lick Tammy's cunt, don't you?" "Fuck" I thought. Of course I did but didn't really want to admit it. I stammered a bit but all three were waiting for a truthful answer. Then I admitted I was curious.

I dared Terry to take off his pants. He did. Tammy dared Don to take his off also. He did. The next round we dared each of them to take off their underwear. Don was comfortable with this but Terry wasn't so sure, but he ended up doing it Two rounds later we were all naked. On Tammy's next turn Don dared her to stick two fingers in my cunt. I think I had a bit too much to drink because I didn't hesitate in spreading my legs. She circled her fingers around my clit for a little bit and my juices were starting to flow. Then she stuck two fingers inside me. I could feel her finger fucking me and she was rubbing my G-spot. "Ahhh" I said as I felt myself cumming. On my next turn Tammy said "I dare you to lick my pussy for 10 minutes." Both Don and Terry were rock hard and Terry nodded for me to go ahead. Tammy laid on the carpet on her back and pulled her knees up toward her chest. Her pussy was shaved clean and her clit was huge. It was almost like a little cock pointing at me. I bent between her legs and could smell her. I bent my head down and explored the outside of her pussy, tasting her juice and within two minutes my tongue was fucking her as far as I could stick it in.

Then I glanced up and saw Terry straddling her chest and she had his cock in her mouth. This was so fucking hot but got even hotter when Don knelt behind me and rammed his cock in my cunt. I squealed as he buried his cock deeper in me than Terry ever could. His cock was much bigger than Terry's and he filled me up with his meat. I came two more times before he pulled out and told me to turn around. I wasn't too keen on sucking a cock but I couldn't resist. I gobbled him up like I was meant for it. I don't swallow but when he came in my mouth I couldn't help it. I swallowed every fucking drop he fed me and loved it. As he started to cum Terry was behind me and shoved his cock in me. I was being fucked from both ends. Then I felt Tammy's hands rubbing my ass cheeks and started circling my asshole with her fingers. She gently inserted a finger into my ass and started to finger fuck me in rhythm with Terry's thrusts. I was cumming like crazy by the time Terry came inside me. I collapsed and Don's cock popped out of my mouth. We all rolled over onto our backs and when I woke up the next morning I realized all four of us had passed out naked on their carpet.

I remembered everything that happened and I think Terry did as well. After we all were up and dressed the four of us went out for breakfast. I never felt so strange but so close to anybody before. We all agreed that the night before was fucking awesome and decided to do it again. We've met about six times and each time it was more exciting than the time before. We have no inclination to stop meeting but agreed that it was always the four of us together. It's been fucking great and I'm looking forward to many more episodes with these two sex maniacs.