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It was 1993 and the floods came. We live in the midwest on a farm. My husband ran the farm and I worked in an office. It was a Friday night and we always had sex on Friday nights so I took my bra off and tucked into my purse. My husband loved it when I came home braless. I headed home but the flood waters had blocked all the roads leading home. I turned around and decided to get a motel in town for the night. As I stopped at a stop sign the house on the corner was having a party. There were dozens of people in the front yard and several of them were waving me in. They said that this was the place to wait out the flood. I figured "Why the fuck not?" I parked and walked to the front lawn The owner of the house, Delores came out with a beer for me. I took it and quickly drank it. I mingled a bit as I drank a couple more and Delores invited me to the back yard. She said that was where the real party was.

I walked to the back yard and found a chair to sit in. A tall handsome black man came over and sat in a chair next to me. He handed me another beer and against my better judgment I took it. He got up two more times as we chatted and came back with more beer each time. I was getting pretty buzzed when he scooted his chair close to mine and put his hand on my thigh. He leaned in and said "Bitch, your tits are fucking awesome." I took it as a compliment and thanked him. Then he reached up and put a hand on one of my tits. When I told him I was married and pushed his hand away he just said "Not tonight you're not." I really didn't want to cheat on my husband but I was getting really drunk and didn't give a fuck by the 8th or 9th beer. He seemed to ignore my protests and within minutes we were kissing. His lips were large and soft. I wanted sex with my husband but thought this might do if I could masturbate in a little while.

I was surprised when he stuck his tongue in my mouth and his hand went back to my thigh. When I didn't push him away his hand moved up a little and started to rub my pussy through my slacks. He suggested we go into the house to the spare bedroom. Before I could answer he took my hand and pulled me out of my chair. He led me inside and down the hall to a bedroom at the end. As soon as we walked in he closed the door and turned to me. He kissed me again, only deeper this time. He lifted me up and carried me to the bed. We laid on the bed and started kissing again. I had never thought about kissing a black man before but had heard about their giant cocks. In my drunken state I was curious and put my hand on his crotch. I could feel his cock through his jeans as he was getting hard. I don't know what he saw in me. I was a little overweight but had big tits. As we kissed he was playing with my tits and had unbuttoned my blouse. He had my tits totally exposed when he stood up and stripped. Wow! What a cock he had as I stared at it. It was at least two inches bigger than my husband's and a lot thicker.

He crawled back onto the bed and straddled my chest. I was staring at his cock when he put it to my lips and said to make him happy. I don't even suck my husband's cock, so what was I doing about to put this big black thing in my mouth. He scooted a little closer and put his cock up to my lips and pushed in a little. I opened my mouth and realized his cock was about to choke me. Then he said "fuck bitch, I think you're gonna love this." He started to fuck my mouth and he was right, I was loving it. He fucked my mouth for about 15 minutes and I felt my pussy getting wetter with each minute. Then I felt someone taking my pants off. I couldn't see who it was but was still drunk so I didn't give a damn. I lifted up to let my pants and panties slide off. Then I heard Delores say that I had the nicest pussy she'd ever seen. She bent down and started to lick me. "Oh fuck" I mumbled as he grabbed my head and started cumming. He filled my mouth and the overflow dipped down my cheeks. He said to suck him dry and I did the best I could. By this time Deloris had two fingers in my cunt and was finger fucking me.

He kept his cock in mouth for the next 20 minutes until I had not only cleaned him off but until he was hard again. He was a real fucking stud and when he was hard he pulled out of my mouth. He hopped off the bed and Delores hopped on. She was facing toward my feet and lowered herself down onto my mouth. I had never had any sexual contact with a woman before but her smell intoxicated me even more. As she lowered her pussy onto my mouth he lifted my legs and I felt his massive cock slide inside me. He filled me up more than my husband ever could. What a fucking feeling. She shifted and I found myself with my tongue on her asshole. She told me to tongue fuck her ass. It was clean and actually smelled kind of nice and I started to lick her asshole. He started slow but was soon pounding me life I belonged to him. He was fucking me while I was eating her ass and her pussy was rubbing on my chin. I told them that I didn't want him to cum inside me.

After another 15 minutes of fucking me and me eating her cunt and asshole he pulled out of me. She quickly turned around with her back to my feet when he got on the bed by my head. He tilted my head back and leaned over me. They kissed as he put his cock back into my mouth. He started cumming again. It wasn't as much this time but was still enough to fill my mouth. He came in my mouth a second time and shortly after he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth I passed out.

When I woke up the next morning I had dried cum all over my chin and I was alone in the bed. I got dressed and stumbled to the kitchen where Delores was fixing eggs. she welcomed me to the day and made me a light breakfast. By noon the water had subsided so I headed home. I hopped in the shower and washed the night off of me. My husband and I didn't fuck until the next Friday night and he was none the wiser, but he was sure surprised when I started to suck his cock, a little disappointed at his size but eager to please. It was a whole new world for me.