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I met her over Christmas and gave her a ride home from a mutual friend's house. We spoke weekly and in April met at a different friend's apartment for a few days. The couple we were staying with went out of town for the weekend so we were alone. I talked her into laying next to me in bed. We started out kissing and her hand went down to my cock. She was getting me hard quickly. I had only been with one other woman so I was a bit inexperienced but knew where all the body parts were. I played with her tits and got her nipples hard. Then she surprised me by working her way down my belly and started sucking my cock. I held out as long as I could but within a few minutes I was about to cum. I warned her I was cumming but she kept her mouth on my cock and swallowed my entire fucking load. Right then I knew I could get used to this. There's nothing like a great blowjob and finishing off by her swallowing it all. I returned the favor by sucking on her cunt until she begged me to stop. She had cum multiple times and seemed satisfied. We spent the next day together and that night she sucked my cock again, taking my entire load down her throat. I sucked on her cunt for a long time that night and ended up going to sleep with another hard-on. It was a fucking great week. We've been married now for over 35 years but that weekend was the only time she ever finished me off with her mouth. Now she won't even touch my cock so I have to get strange lips to suck me. Sometimes it's women and sometimes it's men. It doesn't fucking matter, just as long as they can get me off.


I met Tony over Christmas vacation. I knew the first time we met this was the man I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. He was smart, kind and very good looking. We spent one week together before we god married. It took six months to get to that weekend but it was worth it. The weekend we were together was a mistake. I wanted to wait until I was married before having any kind of sex. Our friends were gone so we had the place to ourselves. He talked me into laying down with him in their bed. He was a great kisser and I really liked his mouth on my nipples. I figured I owed him something and it was possible I would lose him if I didn't do something sexual for him. I didn't want intercourse so I decided to give him oral sex. It didn't take long until he orgasmed. I thought it would be better if I let him cum in my mouth so I swallowed. It almost made me gag and I hated it but I loved him. He was really awkward when he went down on me. After a bit I thought I'd had enough so I moaned a bit and pushed him away. He thought he was the greatest lover that ever lived but really was barely adequate. He came too fast and didn't give me an orgasm. The next night was the same, so after that I decided I had enough of his sperm in my mouth so I never swallowed again. I still love him but sex for me is more pain than pleasure. I think he just masturbates a lot now. We've been married almost 38 years now and we'll die married but I just cant handle sex anymore. And it all started with some shitty oral sex.