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I will try to keep this short but when I think back to my younger days and my favorite cousin and the things we did I get excited and some times I carried away. It all started one very hot summer day when my cousin and I were out behind the barn in the woods with our pants down. We always jerked each other off and had started experimenting with giving each other oral sex.

We were only 8 or 9 years old and could not cum yet but the sensation we could give each other by sucking on each other dick was by far the best feeling either of us had ever felt. We did it often and both of us enjoyed getting sucked and didn't mind at all to suck on one another for as long as we could take it.

Since we both lived out in the country we had no problem finding a lot of places to hide and make each other feel very good. We both got excited and always shoved our dicks all the way in to each others mouth until that wonderful feeling passed then we just held on tight and rubbed our nuts on each others chin until we finished. We both liked doing it on our knees and holding each other by the head as we fucked each other in the mouth and we liked to grab each other by the ass cheeks when we were sucking each other off. We learned how to 69 quickly and could not do it enough.

Both of us began to shoot a little cum and it just seemed like the thing to do is cum in each others mouth and swallow it and in a 69 that always felt so good when we came at the same time. I can still remember how it felt to cum when he did and both of us swallowing and sucking like hell on ach others hard dick and how we held on so tight to each others naked ass and forced our dicks hard in to each others mouths.

Eventually we discovered how talking to one another just made it even more exciting. We said things like "Oh yes suck y dick" "Lick my nuts" "Oh yea squeeze my ass harder and suck it harder" and the one that always excited us both " Oh damn I`m gonna cum!" "Oh yes! take it all Swallow all of it!" Both of us liked doing it a lot and saw nothing wrong with it since it felt so good and being naked with each other really felt good and it was very exciting to be so young and innocent and to be able to make each other feel so damn good so often.

I guess it was bound to happen one day and when he began to tell me what he wanted to do and the longer we talked about it the more curious and excited we both became so I agreed to let him fuck me in the ass and couldn`t wait to try it. I can still remember us going out to the equipment shed and getting in behind the tractor and both of us getting our jeans down and we were both hard as a rock and I really wanted to see if he could do it and how it would feel. I stuck fingers in my ass many times so I wanted to try it really bad and I bent forward over the front tire of the tractor with my ass sticking out towards him as he got up behind me and he started to try and stick his very hard dick in my young tight asshole.

Finally after he spit on my asshole several times and I was spreading my ass cheeks open very wide he got his dick head in my asshole and as we both moaned out loud he shoved his dick up my ass until our nuts were pressed tightly together and he pulled back hard on my hips and thrust his dick in to my asshole really hard quite a few times then I wasn't really expecting it but should have know he would He came in my ass and really give it to me hard until he was finished and his nuts were empty.

Both of us still very excited he continued to work his dick in and out of my tight slick asshole and ask if he could do it again and I was very quick to respond by saying "Hell yes lets do it some more!" This time he made it last awhile and it felt so damn good that I asked him a few times to keep doing it and to even do it faster and harder until he told me "I`m gonna cum again!" and I felt his hard dick pulse deep inside of my ass and him grinding it into me very hard as his warm cum shot up my ass and I wanted it so bad I shoved my ass back on his dick and was moaning out loud as he emptied his nuts deep in my ass and right away I knew I would be wanting him in my ass all the time.

He finally took his dick out of my asshole and we slowly pulled our jeans up and took off walking towards the house unable to stop talking about what we had just done we headed for the creek to swim and neither of us could control our selves and he fucked me two more times with me laying face down in the cool grass under a big shade tree hidden behind the thick bushes around the base of that big Oak tree that is still there today. He was on top of me fucking the hell out of my tight hot young ass and we both loved doing it. As the summer went by we got very good at fucking and neither of us could get it enough.

We even fucked very late at night in our bedrooms but had to be very quiet as not to wake any one but it was still very good. As we got older of course our dicks grew larger and we came a lot more and we had sex all the time..Once we both could drive we went a lot of places to fuck and suck each other off and we went camping down on the creek most every weekend and would stay naked all night long and suck each other off countless times and he fucked my ass with his big hard dick and shot countless big hot loads deep in my hot very willing ass and I really liked having my ass full of his cum and he liked giving it to me.

After us having sex together for a few years he actually told his best friend at school without even asking me and I was mad as hell at first. We were Sophomores in High School then and he told me his friend not only enjoyed hearing about it but he wanted to maybe watch and even try it with us. It took me a couple of weeks to agree to try it and we camped out on the creek with his best friend Tim and late that night we ended up in the tent naked and not only did he watch my cousin and I suck on each other he jumped right in and we all sucked on each others dicks then my cousin fucked me from behind and he was watching and rubbing his dick which ended up in my mouth and they fucked me from both ends and both of them got off in me at about the same time and it was way too good to stop so they took turns on my ass for quite awhile and they came in me several times before the sun came up.

After a couple hours of sleep we went for a very early morning swim then they fucked me at both ends again and after they washed their dicks they changed ends and we fucked again before my Dad was down to check on us. As soon as he left we went up the creek to fish but didn't fish much as they both continued to fuck me in the ass and I was more than happy to let them and it was very hot and exciting for me to get fucked up the ass with them watching each other and they both enjoyed watching each other and really got off watching each other cum deep in my asshole and they really got off watching their cum drip out of my asshole and I liked it as much or more as they did.

We had three way very hot kinky nasty wild sex until we were in our early twenties when we all drifted apart to work and get our lives started. On occasions I would let them fuck me when we got together but it didn't happen very often and eventually stopped but I will always remember those years and the things we did together and how much I liked getting fucked in the ass and to feel their big hard cocks explode deep in my ass and how many times they took turns on me for hours and how much I liked being used by both of them and all the things I let them do to me including tying me up to fuck me, There were quite a few times they watched me stick things up my ass and I let them fuck me with different things and I even wore panties for them at times and we all enjoy playing the rape game quite often and I liked being tied up for hours with my ass in a really good position so they could really fuck me good and slap my ass hard and fill my ass with a lot of thick warm cum.

I really think that If I could hang out with them again an they would want to fuck me in the ass again after 40 something years I would let them. My cousin will not even talk about it with me these days because he knows if he ever did he would get so excited that he would want to fuck me up the ass again and I would damn sure let him.