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So I am watching porn smoking morning wood 9in and there is a knock on door I see a unfamiliar car outside and a white lady standing at my door, Jevohva witness so I open door she looks down and clears throat and starts her pitch and I start rubbing boxers and ask her how long does it take I was in the middle of something she opened the little book. I let my dick go through hole and got closer looking at the book it got lower and her pinky touched the head, I said My porn is about to go off, she replied masturbation is not good I can come in and explain, I said after you I let her walk pass so it could rub against her, sat on sofa I sat back alittle ask to explain, by this time its rock fucking hard, she put her hand on my thigh and said Sir you are hebrew a black king (i press play on porn) she start talking about saving my loings and I thought I would slick talk her and said adam didnt know Eve that was his first piece of ass and if Eve was as beautiful as you eye contact was heavy her hand was moving, beautiful as you I see how he could end up populating you may not know but this is life her legs cross and spinning her slip on on her toes, I touch her leg and said may I? When I tell you it was hot, I told her if she has enough time I can show her, she smiled I pushed her glasses off her nose and stood up she was she was going to touch and move hand back laugh I said no one will know she touched it and ran hand down side

I rubbed her legs and got on my knees and placed her feet on my dick and rub it she lighty moaned I said let me show you some king shit I spread her legs reached up dress she leaned so I could pull of panties were black her brown bush was perfect I see her clit poking out, I lick it and put my whole mouth on it licking in it slapping it, I spit and licked more, I SWEAR she said oh shit I looked and laugh, I stand with boxers off, balls hanging she said you have the biggest coo-penis Ive seen, I point to her face she unbottons shirt Opens mouth it gets on her lips she ask are you clean, I say what kinda question is that she shrugs mmmm suck she has lips wrapped go down on it pulls back fast gag and cough and ask are you sure its clean I said i havent took shower, she finish sucking few mins, I slide dick through pussy bush I let out a little pee and finds hole the head goes in she said no condom I said Adam didnt have one, she if she get a (I start stroking pussy) dieasese my ahhh ahh husband ahhh going to die ahhhh she was moaning took her like 15 seconds to say that she grabs my shoulder pushing her pelvis on me half way in she screaming I told her to let it out sucking her tits I pull it out slap on tits she turns around willinly, her ass is juicy I slap it, she yells i put dick on her asshole she said Nnnooooo go down it goes in clap clap clap I feel something dripping on my legs and hear something she is squirting everywhere I lick real quick put it back in her moans turn to sniffles i turn her head she crying I slow up ask are you ok she said keep going I love you i go faster she says cum I feel it throbbing damn I hold half thats not in her jerk my load in her pulls out put rest on her ass, she sucks clean my phone ring, I act afraid and was like my girl is about to pull up. I WAS LYING Go Go Go she tries pulling dress up she ran to door forgot panties and shoes she got out door turned around I slam the door and locked it, at this time people are walking the block i peep out window, she was so nervous trying to get past people looking back at door she start panicing, i had window open my homeboy and his girl walks by looks at her and said bro fucked the witness lady she took off to her car, i open door she slams on break Im like hey hey run out door you forgot your book and lays it down