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I am a very masculine white married mature male. Very straight acting muscular type guy that no one would ever suspect of being anything but that. My wife knows but not all of it.

This all started s a very young boy maybe 6 or 7 years old. I liked sticking my fingers up my ass and did it all the time. I eventually started sneaking things in to the shower with me and with the door locked in the shower I stuck different things in my ass and the more I did it the more I liked it so I experimented with it all the time and late at night in my bedroom I would do it some more.

I would go outside often and hide in the bushes or in our storage building to quickly put something up my ass and play with my hard little dick. Hot dog wieners were not safe at all around me and I could put one all the way up my ass and it felt good. Mom thought I ate a lot of them but most of them went up my ass and it felt good to work them in and out of my tight young asshole.

Once I discovered Vaseline things got interesting. It was much easier to insert things and even get a little bit larger things in my ass. This went on for a few years and I wanted to tell some one but was afraid to. My cousin and I were very close and I wanted to tell him but couldn't and my two best friends at school also but just couldn't do it until my cousin and I started playing with each other and after that I eventually told both my best friends about what my cousin and I was doing. Neither of them seemed to mind so before long they were doing it with me too and it was a lot of fun and it felt very good. Tim and Steve enjoyed it often with me but never all 3 of us together at first.

My Cousin and I were the first to try oral sex on each other. It was his idea and we agreed to try it and went out behind the barn at his house and once we figured we were out of sight and back in the bushes far enough we took our pants down and he went first as he just leaned down far enough to suck on the head of my dick then I did the same to him and we went back and forth on each other until I got on my knees and let him have his way with my mouth as I sucked like hell on his hard little dick until he was finished.

He took his turn on his knees and I held on to his head and had my way with his mouth while he sucked my dick. Once we did it we couldn`t stop so we were always some where sucking each others dicks. Eventually one at a time I shared this with both Tim and Steve and it took awhile but eventually the three of us were sucking each other but not together. That came later in the tent out in our back yard very late one night. I couldn't believe my friends and cousin all liked doing the same things I did.

I felt more comfortable with my cousin so when the urge took over I told him about how I liked sticking things in my ass. He asked a few questions and out of the blue he asked if I wanted to try it with . I asked what he was talking about and he said lets go up in the hay loft and I can show you. Of course I was anxious and so was he so we hurried to the barn climbed the ladder up in to the loft and got back in the corner behind some hay bales and took our pants off and he told me he wanted to do this but wouldn't ever ask.

I ended up on my knees bent forward over a hay bale with him behind me pushing my ass cheeks apart spitting in the crack of my ass. Then he told me to reach back and hold my butt cheeks apart so I did. Next thing I feel is his dick touching my asshole and in a few seconds my whole life changed when his dick was in my ass and his little nut sack was pressed tightly to mine. He asked me if I liked it and I told him it felt really good and he said he liked it too then he started to fuck me and it felt good and I told him to keep going and he did until he couldn't take it any more.

We hung out there for a long time and he stuck his dick in me quite a few times and pumped it in and out of my asshole a lot. We did it a few times with me face down on the hay with my legs spread with him on top of me screwing me in the ass and right then my life changed for ever and I was already telling him I like doing it and wanted him to screw me a lot. He agreed and said he liked it too so he screwed me a lot and real often and I liked the way it felt when he was naked on top of me with his dick going in and out of my asshole as he held me tight in his arms and his breath on the back of my neck as we talked to each other while he was screwing me.

I took a few weeks but I told Steve first and he didn't offer to do it with me but damn sure liked hearing all the details. I told Tim next and he took it different and said he wouldn't mind to try it if I wanted to. I wanted to no doubt and after talking a bit more I went into the bathroom and stuck a little Vaseline in my asshole and went back out and told Tim lets go outside. I told Mm we were going outside and would be back in a bit. Tim and I walked down to the end of the street and went thru the fence and down in to the woods to this spot I knew where no one would see us and once I had my pants down and he could see my naked ass he got anxious and had his pants down in no time and I got on my hands and knees on the ground and told him to go ahead and stick it in me. He had no problem at all and in no time at all he was in me and stuck it all the way in me and started to screw me and tell me he liked it and I told him I did to and told him we could do it any time we wanted to. He screwed me twice before we had to leave and almost every day after that for weeks.

My Cousins and Tim kept me very busy and one of them was always screwing me then one day Steve asked me if I still wanted him to screw me and I sais sure if you want to. He said he did so we went to the same place Tim and I went and Steve enjoyed screwing me too and I got him t screw me twice also. Between Tim and Steve I had my hands full and was trying not to let them find out I was letting both of them screw me. Finally I told both of them one day after school and after the shock we all laughed and a couple of days later all 3 of us were at my house after school and it would be hours until anyone got home so once I brought it up we all wanted to do it but they didn't want to do it in front of each other so one at a time with the door closed to my room they took turns screwing me and for about a week they wanted to do it but not in front of each other.

One Saturday both my parents were at work all day long and Tim and Steve had spent the night at the house so of course I asked if they wanted to screw me and they did so Tim and I were in my room and he was screwing my ass and Steve slowly opened the door and stood there watching me get fucked up the ass and he came right over to us and leaned over to watch Tim`s dick fuck my asshole and he started touching my ass and spread my ass cheeks and said man that looks pretty hot! Tim said yea it does! and they took turns fucking me for quite awhile and I ended up face down on my bed with my legs spread as they took turns mounting me and fucking me.

They kept asking me if I was OK and I told them I was fine and for them to keep doing it. We did it in most every room of our house and more than once when one of them was fucking me the other one put their dick in my mouth for me to suck on and we did that in front of a mirror in my room and it was hot as hell to see my two best fiends fucking me at both ends. They took turns on me all day long and I let them try it in whatever position they wanted to do it in.

By the end of that Saturday I felt like they couldn`t ever put their dicks in me enough and we stayed naked all day long and they wanted to fuck me in the shower so they took me from both ends in the shower and for the first time ever Tim came and it went in my mouth and it wasn't much and I swallowed it easily and we all got excited that one of us came finally.

Of course I told my cousin and weeks later we all camped out at my Cousins house in the country and late that night we were all anxious to get the fucking started and for hours that night I took care of all 3 of them ever time they wanted to stick a dick in me I made sure they could and my cousin shot his first load that night and it went in my ass. We all sucked each others dicks that night but mostly they all fucked me in the mouth and from both ends quite a few times.

For years the four of us had sex all the time and I let all three of them cum in my ass every time and we all swallowed so many times I would be swallowing cum while one of them was shooting their load up my ass. We all took turns in circle sucks and for the first time I talked them in to tying me out in to the woods in the dark and tie me up naked and gang fuck my ass and it was wild and we all liked it so much it was something we did often and later on we all enjoyed playing the rape game. They would jump me and drag me in to the woods and take my clothes off while I was acting like I was trying to fight them off then they would hold me down while the first one entered me without any lube at all and they would hold my head and force their dicks in to my mouth and talk nasty to me and be rough with me and all of them would fuck me and make me suck their dicks until they were exhausted and my stomach and ass were full of cum then we would all jump in the creek to wash off then go back to camp. Not many nights went by that I didn't get woke up with one of them trying to put their dick in my ass and I never got much sleep back then. Late in high school we were quite educated on kinky wild sex among a group of horny young boys.

One night while my parents were out of town we were all at my house naked of course and the gang bang was on and we came up with this wild idea of me taking two of them in my ass and one in my mouth so we tried it. Tim laid on his back and I squatted down facing him and put his dick in my ass which had a fair amount of cum in it then I leaned forward putting my chest on his while my cousin got behind me working hard to put his dick in my ass with Tim`s. It finally went in but it hurt like hell and I raised up and Steve was right there in front of me and he grabbed my head and shoved his dick in my mouth and fucked my mouth and gagged me several times while both dicks in my ass went in and out of me until I wanted t scream then Steve shoved his dick in my throat and made me gag with tears in my eyes as he came hard down my throat as the two in my ass came in me one at a time and Steve pulled his dick out of my throat and the two in my ass came out of me shortly after they came in me and cum poured out of my asshole and my cousin held my ass cheeks open and told the other two they should check it out and told them there was a lot of cum running out of my ass and we all laughed.

We had two more days before my parents came back and they did their best to fuck me to death and keep me full of cum and we did the two dicks in my ass several times and once I got used to it I liked it a lot. I got raped , tied up, DPed , had things stuck up my ass, wore my mom`s stockings and panties one night and was raped out in the back yard and had my ass slapped and spanked a lot and my hands tied behind my back more than once and used at both ends tied to the coffee table. I was one slutty very nasty dirty fuck toy that weekend and enjoyed every minute of it.

Eventually we all moved away and lost track of each other except for my cousin and I but he only gets the urge to fuck me every 10 years and I take that long fat dick up my ass and take his big married load up the ass then he`s finished for about 10 years. I have had anal sex with several other men over the years but I am very selective and like only big muscular Hispanic married men with huge long thick brown dicks that stay hard for a very long time and still enjoy a huge thick hot married load shot up my ass when I get it. My wife knows some of this and we do have a few strap on toys that we enjoy and she really likes to fuck me in the ass from time t time and we own a lot of land so I have quite a few friends and one of them is a very good friend. He is a friend I have known for years and no one knows what we do from time to time. He is 10 years younger than me very tall and husky muscular body Hispanic married with kids and hung like a horse. He is very thick with a huge mushroom head and 10" long. He makes me cum every time as soon as his big nuts touch mine. He has a huge dick and he loves to fuck the hell out of me every week or two. He always shoots two huge thick loads in my stomach and when he is really horny he always eats my asshole out good and shoves his tongue up my ass and squeezes my nuts and sucks my dick really good while he fingers my ass really rough before he fucks me up the ass and fills me with two big loads. His wife is damn sure lucky if he fucks her like he does me.

He and I talk about him and a few other Mexican men gang fucking me some time but it is a little risky to try that close to home but we keep trying to think of a way to do it and not get caught. He has this friend that has a bigger dick than his and another guy we both know that he hasn't quite talked me in to doing it with but he is a huge married black guy with a huge dick that makes a huge bulge in his jeans every time he is around drinking beer with us. My buddy that fucks me all the time tells me that all 4 of these men are straight for the most part but they all like fucking a nice tight asshole and he says they would do it to me but I am afraid some one will talk if we do it.

I watch gay interracial porn and enjoy watching a white guy taking a huge black dick up the ass and I do have fantasies about this and have thought many times to ask our black friend if he could keep a secret and maybe meet me at the old ranch house on our land and give me some of the big black dick and I know its huge and might be a little painful at first but i really want him to get balls deep in my ass and fuck me hard while I scream and yell and squirm around underneath his big black naked body while he fucks me hard and leaks his thick pre cum in my ass then feels his huge nuts pulse against mine while he pumps my ass full of his black nuts. I really don't want to suck his dick but I would like to see it in my mouth in front of a mirror just to see it. I bet his dick is at least 12" long and thick as hell and I want him to fuck me some day and it will eventually happen because I never had a black dick but want to try it at least once.

I have a huge black rubber dick that I like to use in my ass and watch a white guy get gang fucked by black men and my ultimate fantasy is to be in a cabin way out in the country with a group of huge black men with huge dicks and to be fucked for hours and let all of them cum in my ass and treat me like a little whore and give me rough anal sex for hours and be used hard and have my hole tore up and fucked deep. I never get the opportunity to get away much but if did I would have a few private friends that were well hung married men that liked to pound a white hot asshole. I have my close Mexican friend and he fucks me good but I really would like to be gang fucked again like back in the good old days.