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When I was in the 5th grade there was this boy that lived next to us and he was in the 7th grade. That summer when school was out we were at his house and his parents were at work and he talked me in to taking my clothes off with him and he sucked my dick and got me to suck his. We went back to his bedroom after that and he had some dirty magazines hidden in his room and we looked at them and he had me so horny that I let him talk me in to laying on his bed face down and he humped his hard dick on my ass and it felt good and his naked body on mine really felt good and he told me it felt good and had me reach back and open my ass cheeks and his dick was rubbing against my asshole and he started telling me he was going to fuck me and for me to just relax and it would feel good. He got excited and came in the crack of my ass then raised up and rubbed his dick around on my ass in his cum and told me to just relax and let him stick it in me. I was scared to death but excited enough to let him penetrate me and stick his dick all the way in y asshole and it hurt like hell but he kept telling me to relax and he was going to fuck me and he wanted to cum in my ass. I begged him not to do that but he did it anyway after fucking me really hard and telling me he wanted to fuck me every day the he told me he was going to cum and for me to take it and he came in my ass and just kept fucking me and came in my ass again then his dick got soft and slipped out of my ass and his cum ran out f my ass and he held my ass cheeks apart and watched his cum drip out of my asshole then he stuck his dick back in my ass and just laid there on top of me humping my ass telling me he would et hard again in a little bit then he was really going to fuck me and after that I would come back every day for some of his hard Mexican dick.

He did fuck me and he fucked me very hard and came in my ass again then let me up with cum dripping down my thighs and he told me to go wash up and for me not to tell any one he fucked me in the ass. Before I left he said to come back in the morning because no one would be home but hi all day long. For some reason I went back knowing he was going to fuck me and do who knows what but I went any way and he got me to suck his dick and take his cum in my mouth then he fucked me for a very long time stopping then starting again then even taking me to another room and put me in a different position and he came in me twice and while I was in the bathroom I heard the door bell ring and voices. I was naked and my clothes were in the other end of the house and in a while he came to get me out of the bathroom and took me in to the den where two more Mexican guys were standing there naked with their hard dicks sticking straight up in the air and he said his friends wanted to drop by and meet me. I got very scared but it didn`t matter because he threw me in the floor and got on top of me and said stop it you little bitch my friends want to watch me fuck you and he forced his dick up my ass and fucked me in front of hos friends then he stopped and held me down while the next one fucked me then the last one fucked me and after that it was one after the other for most of the day and they made me suck their dicks and made me swallow their cum and my ass got tore up and filled with cum over and over then they made me suck them off one at a time in the shower with my hands tied behind my back. They came in one at a time forced me to my knees and fucked my mouth and forced my mouth down on their dicks when they came and told me to swallow it or get my ass kicked.

After that day I couldn`t figure out why I kept going back and I let him bring other friends around to fuck me and on days we couldn't do it in his house he took me down to the woods and fucked me. Months after being fucked and forced to suck their big dicks and swallow a lot of cum I was at his house one day and he had me back in his room naked bent over the side of his bed fucking the hell out of me with my hands tied to the bottom of the other side of the bed and my feet tied wide apart to the side of the bed he was on. I felt his cum dripping down my thighs and he was ramming my ass really hard and was shooting my ass full of cum when the door bell rang and he took his dick out of my ass slapped my ass hard and laughed as he went to answer the door and when he came back there was two black boys with him and they started to get naked and both of them fucked me and one had a huge dick that made tears come to my eyes and it really hurt as the others laughed and watched him fuck my ass and the black boys came in me two times each and really slapped my ass hard and rubbed their cum covered dicks all over me then once again I was put in the shower on my knees with my hands behind my back as the black guys stepped in to the shower one at a time and fucked me in the mouth and forced me to swallow their cum then they left and he drug me out of the shower and slapped my ass hard several times and called me his bitch and put me on my back in the floor got over the top of me and stuck his dick in my mouth and told me to suck his dick and he came in my throat and kept me there all day and used y mouth and ass when ever he liked.

For two years he and all his friends used me for what ever they wanted and when we moved away I was both happy and sad and at times I kind of missed being abused and used and taking all those big dicks. I still think about it today and over the years I have had sex with several men and all of them fucked my ass and two were very well hung married men and I let them both cum in my ass when we got together. One of them talked me in to letting his wife watch and he fucked me twice in front of her while she got off and used a dildo then he fucked her and let me watch but I never got to touch her at all. She really did get off watching her husband fuck my ass with his big dick and she really got off telling him to cum in my asshole.

I haven't had any dick in quite a few years now and I am happily married but still like fucking myself with dildos and other things and really would enjoy a very private meeting with a married very well hung man that would fuck my ass and give me rough sex and cum deep in my ass a few times and his cum leak out of my ass while I sleep then he fuck me again before he leaves the next morning and in the shower I get on my knees and suck his dick and swallow his load with my hands ted behind my back. Maybe some day