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White female 25 I must confess I hate being married I had to get married at 19 I had a child with him and a southern thing it use to be ok we would have alittle fun, it seems like I am stupid he does not look at me with the same spark. So it was the last week the Craigslist allowed Casual Encounters, got few number from ads, and I placed one myself, some luck one ad I saw black cock his ad had him fucking hooker and another pic of his getting sucked by man, I wrote him he told me that he had a room it was at a sleazy motel, I told my husband I was going to my mom house. I did not I went to the motel, I pulled around beside dumpster he texted me the room number I knocked on door it was already opened alittle I hear a deep voice saying Come in, I see nobody I see light in bathroom hear lips smacking I sit on edge bed he said hold on I will be out , he comes out with boxers on I can see the print, he ask me my name and do I smoke and drink, knowing I only drink he lights a blunt I hesitate he gives it to me I puff and choke like shit I was gasping, he pulls his dick through boxer it was thick I was shocked he ask did I Ski I said sure he pulls out a bag and white stuff in it he said Here I again never done coke before trying to look like an wild girl he put some on his finger, I took a sniff yolo lol My head got tight I start to kiss his chest wrap my hands around it I ask size he said 10inches his hands in my leggins, I lick his meaty black cock it smelt like pussy has been on it recent and had little scent he took a line put on his cock, I got on my knee and sniffed it sucked it he fucked me raw and came inside me,

Week after that I got my own room and played around.....fast forward 4th of July few days ago he sends me too WaWa to get ice before I pull into store I go over to Closed Toys R Us parkinglot I see few car scattered I say cool I can masturbate real quick I pull between cars they had space in between I had spot guy hand movement so I came to that side I act like I was reading put my little pink toy was in my dress i rolled down glass and put my feet out window its about dusk, I hear car door shut, I jump some I feel something brush against my feet, I wiggle toes, I glimpse up its a black guy around my age maybe 30 hands in pants he ask did I need help quickly I said I am lost he said I was to beautiful to be finering small talk, he pulls it out it was another big one, he gets in I gave bj the women in SUV was writing I was sucking trying to get her to look I am full stare bouncing head up she side eyed me bite he lip i wanted to make him cum. I ask did he have condom he said no I got out told him cum quick, I let him doggy me another car pass the women now see's me I hear him say he's cummin on my tippy toes hands on hood night fall I feel the load shoot all in me I ask if he is clean he said good time to ask but he thinks so. I didnt care I am a total slut for it, got home got yelled at cause took so long well Fuck him that why he eats these nig dirty seeds out me and fucks I act like I like his little Peter Peaker lol you can not threat me like you are macho I hope you get burned, just had to vent everybody men, women, need to try black dick few times