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My daughter was always protected by us so she hasnt been out from younger to get her in any trouble, but she is getting older she is 12 and I she alot of her mom in her, redbone lightskin, slim, and perky tits, I am single father we had a encounter last night I heard her in kitchen around 1 am I was in room jerking off, I had tv on I seen my door crack alittle her head peaks in I close my eyes didnt have time to cover it up she whispers daddy daddy I ignore peaking again I see her closer she rubs fingers up side I make it jump she giggles her words were "damn momma is stupid" I feel her crawl on bed she lays beside me and pushes her booty up on me I open eyes some I felt her moving around she was taking off her underwear her legs was getting my precum to drip Her cold hand touch I jump she went down I felt her lips mouth going up and down I say her moms name pretending not to know. She starts sucking I say damn you doing better honey she does a ummhmm I hold her head and I act surprised "what are you doing girl" she laughs and told me she thought I liked it I was like you're my daughter where did you learn was my question, she told me porn So I let her finish til I came hard, everysince then I had a fantasy of white guys helping me break her in it be so hot