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My husband, Terry and I had been married for six years. He has always loved my tits. Anytime we're alone he plays with my nipples. He knows that my nipples are my sex buttons. Playing with my nipples gets me turned on quicker than any other foreplay. When I'm sucking his cock he often plays with them. It makes both of us cum faster and harder. His buddy, Toby often comes over on Friday nights and we just hang out and drink. One Friday night we were drinking pretty heavy and Terry was about passed out in his recliner. I thought Toby was pretty drunk as well but when he sat next to me on the couch I was a little concerned.

I got up and grabbed us a couple more beers. When I sat back down Toby scooted over pretty close and said, "So, Ter tells me your nipples are fucking awesome. I want to see." I was shocked. I had never had anybody except Terry. His cock is just the right size. It's about five inches when hard so I can get it all in my mouth and it's just long enough to make me cum. Without saying another word Toby reached over and started to unbutton my blouse. When I told him it wasn't a good idea he said, "He also said you suck cock better than a hooker." That pissed me off, thinking my husband would talk about our sex life and my body that way. "Is it true?" Toby asked. I said "You fucking A right." Terry always said I sucked his cock like nobody ever could. By that time my blouse was completely unbuttoned and Toby had pushed my bra up over my tits. He was staring at them. He reached over and started rolling a nipple between his thumb and fingers. I was getting turned on and decided that if my fucking husband was talking about my body this way I was going to fuck him back. I reached down and started rubbing Toby's cock through his pants. I could actually see the outline through his jeans. I was drunk enough that my inhibitions were down so I said "I want to see your cock." I unbuttoned his pants and he lifted up for me to pull them down. When I pulled his underwear down his cock popped out. It was already bigger than Terry's and it wasn't hard yet.

I told him to keep playing with my nipples as I bent down to take his cock in my mouth. I got him harder and harder and discovered the joy of a big cock. He was at least seven inches long and thick. I couldn't get him all the way in my mouth but did the best I could. He started to fuck my mouth as I was sucking him. Within minutes he said he was ready to cum. I shoved a finger into his asshole and he let go. He filled my mouth with more cum than Terry ever produced. I sucked him dry and he said Terry was right, this was the best blowjob he ever had. As I pulled my mouth off of his cock I had an idea.

I said to Toby "I want to teach that fucker a lesson for talking too much." I told him I wanted him to fuck Terry in the ass. I put his cock back in my mouth until he was hard again. It took about 15 minutes but I really liked his big cock. We pulled Terry out of his chair and he sort of woke up. I kissed him and said it was time to fuck. He smiled and said he was ready. We manouvered him to the floor on his back and he was out again. I started sucking his cock and even passed out he started to grow. Then I pushed his legs up and started to tongue fuck his ass, getting it nice and slippery for Toby. He was moaning as I tongued him. Then I told Toby he was ready. I moved and Toby knelt between his legs. He assumed it was me finger fucking him as Toby put his cock up to his asshole. He mumbled "Oh yeah honey, fuck me with them fingers." Toby pushed his cock into Terry's asshole and started to fuck him. Terry was moaning and was mumbling how good it was. I got my phone out and was videoing the whole thing. Toby fucked him for about 10 minutes and I could tell he was getting close. I told him to cum in Terry's mouth. He pulled his cock out and wiped it off on my blouse. Then he straddled Terry's chest and stuck his cock in Ter's mouth. Terry was moaning as Toby mouth fucked him. I whispered to Terry, "That's it honey, take it all." It only took about two minutes and Toby was cumming in my husband's mouth. Terry instinctively swallowed it all. Toby finally pulled out when he was spent. He collapsed on the couch and in a few minutes he was asleep.

The next morning Toby got dressed and left. Terry said he had a weird taste in his mouth and couldn't remember anything that happened. I told him that I was disappointed that he felt he had to talk about our sex life. He snapped and said that he would talk about us anytime he wanted. Then I showed him the video and warned him that if he ever talked about us again he would get the biggest cock I could find and have him fucked every night he was out of it. He sheepishly apologized and said it would never happen again. But it did.

Toby fucked him a bunch more times before I finally asked him to move out and filed for divorce. He now lives with Toby and I can only imagine mow many times they've fucked each other. Meanwhile I've met a wonderful man who doesn't drink but doesn't mind if I do.