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Found out I have herpes I am going on 12 I moved with my brother after family issues this year, he is bi gay whatever we grew up watching porn, so I shared some of his friends after they were done, and remember after on big black guy my jayjay didn't feel right I stopped eating start thinking about sex 24/7 had more encounters, notice pimples I started playing with them spitting on them, I was sick all last week puking, I had enough courage to go to Dr. After they ran a few test the nurse came in looking concerned and sent me to another Dr. CLINIC after their test came showed me paper where it had STD chart and I checked beside each and was positive for Gonherrea, herpes, UTI, such I smirked my heart stopped for sec I thought you are a slut, my mind was still on penis. I invited the black guy over again he was very verbal and I let him use me when I sucked him again I notice the pimples it made me nastier, I let him cum in me I feel so alive now do you think I need to slow down?