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True Story: I was 23 and in the military. I was heading back to my overseas duty station with a layover at a MAC terminal. I was walking in town when a pink Cadillac pulled over and offered me a ride. I got in and told him where I was going. I told him the hotel where I was staying and he said he owned the bar in the basement of the same hotel. He was a big fat guy who barely fit in the Cadillac. About halfway to the hotel he said, "So, do you want me to suck your cock?" I was shocked and told him no. He said it was no problem and invited me to the bar after dinner. He said he would buy me a drink. I thought a free drink sounded good. After dinner I went down to the bar and he ushered me to a table in the corner. He asked what I was drinking and I told him rum and Coke. He brought me one, then another. After the fourth one he asked if I was ready to get my cock sucked. I refused. He kept bringing drinks and asked me each time if I was ready. I finally said I was drunk enough to take him up on his offer. He said to go up to my room, get undressed and leave the door unlocked.

He came up a couple minutes after me. I was laying on the bed smoking a cigarette. He pulled me down so my ass was just hanging off the foot of the bed. He bent down and took my half hard cock in his mouth. He said I had a really nice cock and proceeded to take my six inches all the way into his mouth. He sucked me so hard that when I got back to my station the base of my cock was bruised. This was the first time any man had his mouth on my cock but I was loving it. He had me hard in no time. I was getting harder and harder and then he stuck his thumb in my ass. What a fucking feeling that was. My wife never even did that. I was being thumb fucked and sucked at the same time. It was too much and I said I was gonna cum. He just kept on sucking and I let go. I filled his mouth with a full load. When he had sucked me dry he pulled his thumb out of my ass and stood up to leave.

He was almost to the door when I got bold and said I wanted to suck him as well. He said that he'd like that and quickly undressed. He laid on the bed just as he had me. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. He was only about four inches hard so I could take his entire cock in my mouth. I discovered that large cocks were too hard to suck but a nice four inch one was just about right. I had his cock all the way in my mouth and felt his nuts. They were very large and I decided that a small cock with big nuts were the way to go. The softness of his skin even when hard was a wonder. I eagerly sucked him and then put my thumb in his ass like he did to me. He moaned and said I was giving the best blowjob he'd ever had. Then he said he was ready to cum and asked if I wanted it in my mouth. I shook my head and he started cumming. His pre-cum tasted okay but when I tasted the first shot of real cum I was hooked. I sucked him dry and when I took my mouth off of his cock there was not a drop left. When I stood up I noticed my cock was hard again. After he left I had to jerk off twice more before the night was done.

I don't really like romance with other men but I do like a nice cock now and then. I've even let a number of them fuck me. Although smaller cocks were best for sucking, a nice eight inch thick cock really opens my asshole up and one guy was so big he even made me cum by just fucking me. It's been almost 30 years now and I have sucked or been fucked by more cocks that I can count. I can't wait to find the next one...