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It started in Febuary I am 26 white CNA 2 kids and engaged I am afraid to get tested cause I know i may get bad news, one morning it snowed and the hospital was snowed in i was in Equipment room and the guy came in he saw me eating we laugh I took a glance down his print was massive my eyes stuck he told me how he go to park to chill before work..next day i drove there about 5mins from Job behold he was there I pulled beside him and let my seat back and played porn on my phone hoping he get the hint but I seen his arm moving up and down, i walked pass his cock was massive I sucked him in woods and he fuck me on car came inside me, we fucked few days later at hospital..March I found a bookstore met alot of guys in there raw..over 20 in few days...My bf had made me mad So the park I went his car was in back parkinglot but he wasnt in, so I went down trail Omg i seen white man sucking his black dick, i stood back to see what happened he begin to fuck guy raw, I let him fuck me after So around July I notice my vagina had red, clear bumps and I knew once my bf ate me and he gagged and asked me whats wrong and stop fucking me, and the itching and burning starts I am a nurse so I didnt want to say anything, the night Brandon told me to Shut the fuck up bitch was the last so he went out to friends and I text guy from work told him where I stay,he arrives I suck his cock on the bed i laid on brandon clothes while he fucked me I told him to stop i got on my knees cause his truck pulled up outside now I told him to piss, I held mouth open it was alot and all over me the bedroom door opens the look on his face he was about to attack the guy lol he put his finger in my bf face said wait my bf got scared my bf is smaller this guy is like 6'3 i told me bf he isnt worth it i made him sit and watch the rest , now June me and brandon are cuckolders he couldnt leave me, I am a dirty cum bucket