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I came home one Friday night and caught my wife of 17 years watching lesbian porn. She didn't notice I was home and I stood quietly at the bedroom door as she masturbated as the two girls licked each others' cunts. Then she changed sites and was watching gay porn. she was still masturbating and starting to moan a bit. I went back out and slammed the front door like I just got home. I waited a minute and called to her. She came out of the bedroom like nothing happened. I could feel my cock twitch at the gay porn and was curious. After dinner I mentioned I needed sex and she refused. I told her I was going over to Art's house. I went over and Art answered the door. His wife was out of town and he grabbed a couple of beers. We sat on the back porch drinking for a couple of hours. By about 9 o'clock I was pretty drunk and started to complain about my lack of sex and what I saw my wife watching that afternoon.

He had a thought. Go over to my house and see what she was doing. He parked about half a block away and we snuck to our back yard. We could see through the window that she was still on the computer. The bitch. She was watching more lesbian porn. I mentioned to Art that maybe I should turn gay and teach her a lesson. Before I knew it he had his hand on my cock through my jeans. "What the fuck?" I said. Then Art said "Look, if you want to teach her a lesson you might as well start here." I didn't move his hand away and noticed my cock was starting to grow. He got on his knees and undid my pants. I didn't stop him as he opened my pants and pulled my shorts down over my cock and balls. Then he leaned in and took my cock in his mouth. I never figured Art for gay but this felt great so I let him continue. Before I knew it I was ready to cum. He said to go ahead and I filled his mouth with my load. He sucked every drop down. Then he asked me if I wanted to return the favor. I thought, "What the fuck, why not?" I knelt down and copied his moves, opening his pants and pulling his shorts down over his cock. It was a bit bigger than my 5 inches and I leaned in and took him in my mouth. That was the first cock I ever sucked. I got him hard within a couple of minutes and a few minutes later he said he was going to cum and asked if I wanted it in my mouth. I just kept sucking as he let loose. I got my first taste of cum that night.

We went back to his place and I drove home. My wife was in bed by that time so I crawled in and went to sleep. When I woke up the next day I made the excuse of going over to Art's to help him with his water heater. I got there about noon. He asked if I remembered the night before. I did. Then he asked me if I liked sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. I had to admit I did. then he said we were alone for the rest of the day and if I wanted to suck his cock again he was up for it. He got a couple of beers for us and we drank for the next two hours watching football. After a few beers he stood up and took off his clothes. He walked over to me and ordered me to suck his cock. I sucked him and 10 minutes later he was filling my mouth with his load. We drank for the next two hours and he told me to get naked, that he had something special for me. He was still naked and I joined him in nudity. He had me kneel down on the carpet and he started to lick my ass. Up and down and finally to my asshole, where he started to tongue fuck me. It felt really good. Then he took his tongue away and knelt behind me. I felt something a bit larger at my asshole and he pushed his cock in. I couldn't believe I was about to be ass fucked. I thought it would hurt but surprisingly it didn't.

He started to fuck me, slowly at first then got a little deeper faster and it felt like a bull was fucking me. I never imagined something in my asshole could be so good. I kept saying "Fuck me harder." He fucked me as deep and as hard as he could. About 10 minutes later he said he was gonna breed me. I thought he was gonna cum, and when he started filling me with his jizz I understood. I felt his warm cum oozing out of my asshole as he continued to fuck me. It was the most intense thing I'd ever done. He finally popped his cock out of my asshole. He had me lay down and he sucked me to completion taking my full load of cum.

I got home kinda drunk about five that night, but I've mead it a priority to go over to Art's house every chance I get. Sometimes his wife is there and we suck or masturbate each other in his pool and sometimes we trade blowjobs in his workshop. I never thought of myself as gay or bi-sexual, but this new discovery had me going onto a whole new path. We suck and fuck every chance we get. My wife can have her lezzie porn but I've got the real thing. Maybe someday I'll tell her what I've been up to. Until then it's nothing but cock and asshole.