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I grew up with my best friend Dave. He was a bit bigger than me and was the alpha in the relationship. His older brother Mike was four years older than Dave. When I was 16 Mike was a Junior in College. He was a heavyweight wrestler and a monster. He had muscles in places I didn't even have places. Dave and I spent a lot of time at each others' house, often spending the night as well. One Friday night Mike invited Dave and I to a Frat party. I was yet to be 17 but thought it might be fun, and I might even have a drink of beer. We got there about 7:30 and the party was in full swing. There were lots of topless girls and more kegs of beer than I could imagine. Mike got us each glasses of beer. I drank it quickly and Mike told me to help myself.

After three more glasses of beer I was really buzzed. I'd never drank before but this was pretty cool. I was stumbling around a bit when a tall topless woman came up behind me and hugged me from the back. Her hands went for my nipples and as she tweaked them my cock started to grow. It's not very big but the feeling is still the same. Then a hand worked its way down my belly and she grabbed my cock through my jeans. I almost creamed my pants right there. Then she was gone. I usually jerk off a couple of times a day so I knew the feeling. I walked into the living room and there were dozens of people milling around. One couple was making out on the couch and in the corner a dude was sitting in a recliner naked and was getting his cock sucked by a thin woman. I walked past them and stood watching for a few seconds. I was getting horny and turned from them and stumbled through the back door to the back patio. Over by a tree were two guys kissing and fondling each others' cocks through their pants. Oddly this turned me on even more. I wondered if I was part gay.

Mike came out and found me. He started bitching about his girl that wouldn't put out and how that bitch got him hard and decided she needed to leave. I was reeling from the beer so when he said to take a walk with him I went along dutifully.. He took me to the corner of the yard behind a tree. He was at least eight inches taller than me and extremely strong. He stopped me and said to get on my knees. He pushed me down by the shoulders. When I was on my knees he told me to unzip him and take out his cock. I didn't know what to do but when he grabbed my ears and twisted I reached forward and unzipped his pants. He wasn't wearing underwear and his cock popped out. It was huge compared to my little cock. I was mesmerized by it and when he told me to suck it I leaned in and took it in my mouth. It was like I knew what to do as I started to suck him like a pro. He was hard within two minutes. Then he said to stand up. I thought he might return the favor so when he told me to drop my pants I did. But then he said to turn around and get on all fours. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I got down on all fours and waited. He knelt down and reached around. He grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. As soon as I got hard I felt his other hand circling my asshole. He finger was set and slippery and then he pushed it into my asshole.

I was being finger fucked by a guy four years older than me. But it felt really good so I tried to relax and let him play with me this way. After a minute or so he pulled his finger out and took his hand off of my cock. Then he grabbed my hips and pulled me back so my asshole was touching his cock. "Tell me you want me to fuck you" he said. I said it. Then he pulled me back and thrust forward at the same time. He buried his cock all the way in. I yelped a little as there was a sharp pain as he pushed past my sphincter. Then the pain went away and as he started to fuck me I was starting to enjoy it. He was a real fucking stud and within minutes was cumming. He filled my ass until it ran out and down my nuts. Then he said to turn around. I did and he stuck his cock back in my mouth. He said to clean him off. I decided right then and there I liked cum. I sucked him dry but he didn't pull out. He said to get him hard again. I sucked him for another five minutes and he was getting hard for the second time. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth but he pulled back out and said to turn around again. I did and he started fucking me once more. About two minutes into it I saw a flash. Then another. "What's going on?" I asked. Then I saw Dave standing in front of us taking pictures.

The beer had affected me to the point I just wanted him to keep fucking me so I closed my eyes and let him finish. It took about 10 minutes and he pulled out again. He said to suck him dry. I put his cock back in my mouth and saw another flash. Within minutes Mike was filling my mouth with his cum. I swallowed it all and sucked him until there was no more. He finally pulled out and said to Dave "See. I told you he'd suck cock under the right circumstances. He's all yours." I started to get dressed when Dave stood in front of me. "You just keep your clothes off and be a good bitch and I might let you drink my load too." When I looked confused, he said "I got pics of you sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass. You're now my bitch or I post these all over school." I was broken and knew I had no choice. His cock wasn't as long as Mike's but it was pretty thick.

The next two years found me sucking his cock or getting fucked any time we spent the night with each other. That was years ago and I'd like to say I hated every minute of it but the fact is I loved it. I got a real taste for cock and cum and the feeling of a big cock in my ass that even now I am unmarried and look for as much cock as I can get.