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I have been married for 10 years now. Me and the wife have a pretty good sex life, but what she doesn't know is that I am bisexual and play around with men and women when every I get the chance. A couple of weeks ago her cousin, Jim, came for a visit. It was the first time he had ever visited us and was planning on staying a week with us. He was on spring break from college.

It had been about 4 years since I had seen him, he was now 20. And boy had he grown up. He was 6 foot tall with a really nice body. I don't really get into how other men look, I only like their cocks and assholes, but he was a nice looking young man.

He arrived Friday night and got settled into our guest room. My wife was up stairs washing dishes and cleaning up a bit and I was down in the basement in our media room watching TV and drinking a beer. I heard him talking to my wife and she told him to go down and watch TV with me until she was finished. He walked in the media room and was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of workout shorts. He sat down on the love seat and I was sitting on the sofa. We had the usual chit chat and as we were talking he put one of his feet up on the coffee table which made his shorts pull to one side causing them to make an outline around his cock, and man did it look good. As we talked he asked if he could have a beer, I told him as long as he wasn't going to drive anywhere tonight he could have one. He assured me he was in for the night and went to the fridge and got two beers. He handed me one as he went past the sofa. As he leaned over I could see the head of his cock hanging out of the bottom of his shorts. I was so surprised my mouth fell open. He noticed my surprised expression and looked down to see what I was looking at. He apologized and pulled his shorts down to cover his cock. I said don't cover it for my sake, it looks very nice.

This caused an awkward moment and we were silent while he sat back down on the love seat. I looked down and my cock was getting hard. He looked over at me and noticed my shorts rising. He leaned over and quietly asked me if I played with men. I told him, that he couldn't tell my wife, but that I did like to suck on a nice cock every once in awhile. He smiled and said that my secret was safe with him. I asked if he liked men, and he said pull your cock out and I will show you.

I stood up and pulled my shorts down as he came over beside me. As I sat back down he took my cock into his mouth and deep throated me like a pro. He had my cock completely hard with just a few bobs of his head. He looked up at me and said he hadn't had sex in a couple of weeks and was extremely horny. He went back to work on my cock and had me shooting my load down his throat in only 3-4 minutes. He swallowed every drop and kept sucking me until I was completely clean and starting to get hard again.

I pulled him off of my cock and said that it was my turn. When he sat back on the couch his cock was rock hard and sticking straight out. He pulled his shorts to the side to free his beautiful cock. It was really nice, about 7-8 inches and very thick. I took the head of it into my mouth, he moaned a little. I worked on it until I felt it go down into my throat, he leaned his head back and was breathing really hard. I fucked my throat with his cock coming up for air every very seconds. His cock was the hardest cock I had ever sucked. I could tell he was getting close to blowing his load by the way he was breathing.

I looked up at him and his head was back and his eyes were closed. I started licking his balls while I slowly stroked his cock and with my other hand I started fingering my ass. I used my spit to lube my ass up and was working two fingers into it. I knew I had to get it loosened up for his big cock. When I thought I had my ass lubed and loosened up enough I took his cock back into my throat to get it good and slippery. As I pulled up off of it I spun around and started to lower my ass onto him. He opened his eyes, saw what I was doing and grabbed my hips and helped guide me onto his

massive cock.

The feeling of his cock head popping past my sphincter muscle was amazing. It did hurt a little so I stayed there until I was relaxed and then started to push myself down until he was balls deep. He filled me up more than any other cock I ever had. I stopped and savored the full filling before I started bouncing up and down on it.

He pulled me close to him and whispered that I had the tightest ass he had ever fucked. I kept fucking down on him, he said that he was going to cum soon. I told him to let me know before he shot.

It didn't take but a couple more of my tight ass going up and down on his massive cock and he said I'm gonna cum.

I jumped up off of him and took him all the way down into my throat and started fucking his cock with my throat, he started shooting into me after about 4 spasms I had to cum up for air, but he wasn't done, he kept shooting string after string of cum into my mouth and onto my face. I eagerly swallowed every bit of it, it tasted so good. I cleaned all the cum off of my face and ate it. Then started sucking and licking his cock until it was completely clean also.

I got up and my cock was hard as a rock from being fucked. I told him we needed to stop for now, that my wife would be down soon. As I covered his cock up with his shorts I told him that I can't wait to feel that monster breeding me. I told him that I would have done it this time, but I was afraid that his cum would leak out and my wife might see it.

My wife did come down and sat with us and talked for a while. She told me she was going to bed early because she had some stuff to do early in the morning. I told her that I was going to stay up and watch a movie that we had recorded. Jim said he wanted to watch it with me if I didn't mind. I said that that would be fine.

As soon as my wife was up the stairs, Jim was on his knees and taking my cock down his throat like a champ again. This time I fucked him and came deep in his ass, and he fucked me again and bred me for the first time.

We fucked and sucked each other so many times that week I couldn't tell you how many times we both came. We even got to shower together a couple of times.

He is talking about changing colleges and moving close to us. I told the wife that if he transferred to the college close by that I wouldn't mind if he stayed with us. She was so excited, but not as excited as I was.....