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My brother was getting married in Vegas and wanted my wife and me to stand up for them which we were cool with. He and his wife to be would only be in Vegas for the day due to their work but my wife and me decided to stay for a week. We were leaving for the airport as soon as Kim my wife got off work, I would pick her up and head right to the airport to catch our flight. She had asked me to pack her clothes for her and I was more then happy to do so. I didn't pack any panties or bras for her but I did pack only one nice dress for the wedding and the rest was short mini skirts or sun dresses and white tops that are some what see through.

When we got to the hotel and she seen what I had packed she said that she would have to go shopping and I told her that there was going to be no shopping on this trip. She looked at me and "So you want me to walk around Vegas with no underwear on. And you want me to wear things like this without panties?" Holding up one of her sun dresses which I could see her through. I told her that that's what I wanted. She didn't say a word just looked at me knowing I was going to show her off, which I like to do.

The next afternoon we met my brother and his soon to be wife and went with them for them to say their I do's and after a quick dinner they got back on the plane to fly home. I had my wife change her clothes to a short pleated skirt and one of her white tops. We went dancing and after she had about 5 or 6 drinks in her she started dancing with other guys and I could see she was getting very turned on knowing the guys were getting a eye full of her tits and a couple of guys got their hands under her skirt and grabbed her ass or more. I could see she had enough and was ready to go back to the room so we want to walk the 8 blocks back to the room.

We seen that if we cut through a back lane it would be shorter and about half way a guy in a car flashed his head lights at us and waved for us to come over. So with my arm around my wife's wrist I walked us over and the guy said he want to know what she charged. My wife laughed and I said that she was done for the night and turned to walk away when the guy said I'll give you 50 bucks for a quick blow job right here and now. I turned around and said to my wife you want to make a quick 50? She didn't say a word but she was so horny from the flashing she just licked her lips. I told the guy I wanted the 50 up front and her handed me the money and I opened the passenger door for my wife. She got in and unzipped the guy, pulling out a sizable cock and went down on him. Its not the first time my wife has suck some cock in front of me so I wasn't shocked by her doing it.

The guy said to me as my wife sucked him off " how much for a night with her, I have a friend with me and we could have a good time with this one, so what does she charge for two guys for a night?" I said that I thought it was around 750 each for a night but they had to use condoms. He pulled a business card out with his cell number on it saying give him a call in the morning. I took the card and he push my wife's head all the way down on his cock and started coming down her throat.

The next day I could tell my wife was turned on with the thought of being a whore for a night and I was hard as well most the day so I made the call and they said a limo would pick her up at 6 pm in front of our hotel. I told her she didn't have to do it if she didn't want to and I could see in her eyes just how much she wanted it, after all we played a game that I would pick her up off the street and pay her for sex. She would go crazy when we played this game but this was for real.

At 10 to 6 she was dressed and waiting for the limo and I caught a look between her legs at her bare pussy and seen she was already wet before she went with them. The limo pulled up and the same guy got out and handed me a bunch of bills as my wife got to her feet. I took the money and said "Remember you have to use condoms." he said that he had a box ready for the night. I looked into the limo and seen what I think was a ex basketball player in there. He made the limo look small with his size. I wanted to back out of the deal but the door closed and they were gone.

It was 7 in the morning when she made it to our hotel room door and when she walked in I had to catch her. She passed out in my arms so I undressed her which wasn't much to do and seen bite marks and hickeys from her tits to her now shaved pussy and more than that she had a river of cum running out of both her pussy and ass.

She woke up about 2 pm and I had to help her to the bathroom and I ran a hot tub for her to soak in when she started to tell me what happened. They first wine and dine her and then took her to a house outside of Vegas where there was 12 more guys waiting for her. I know that she always wondered what a gang bang would be like and she went on saying she was soon naked and there was cocks of all colors and sizes there in front of her. I stopped her and asked if they had condoms on and she said there was a box of condoms but it never was opened. She then said she was told to get ever cock hard which she did and that's when they started fucking every hole she has and that they would let her take about a 5 minute break every hour or so. She said she needed it to wash the cum deep her throat and on the 3rd break she saw the cameras and was told to sign a piece of paper. She thinks it was a release. She said that she was up fucking and sucking all night and was only allowed to be some what cleaned up before she was put in a car not a limo to be dropped off here.

I'm sure that it going to be so kind of gang bang wife video which my wife just starred in and I can't say I'm happy about that. My wife never left the room the rest of the week and had no interest in having any kind of sex with me the rest of the week either.

We are back home and she got herself tested for any kind of STD and it came back clean so we are happy about that for sure. As for the number on the business card, well I think it was a throw away cell number and the name of the business was bullshit as was the office number. The business number ended up being a church in Carson Ca. they were not happy with the things I was saying to them but when I did a check on the number it turned out to be what they said they were.

My wife sex drive has come back and now she deep throats me with no problem and also likes being butt fucked which she was not into before so some good did come from it. We had a DVD show up in the mail today and it's a copy of my wife's night cut back to being only 2.5 hours long and the title is Amateur gang bang housewives 6. If you can find it that's my wife.