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My Mom stayed home from work and asked me to call in and say she had the flu so I did. After breakfast she went back to bed and I went to my room. I love my computer and all the pussy that is on it, I have never had a real pussy or even seen one. The most i ever see is guys banging away on all the pussy they can handle. I was watching sons banging their moms and the moms love it, so I thought I would go into moms room and see what she was doing. I walked in and she was on the bed with her robe on and she asked what do you want. I told her I wanted to lay down beside her and she said ok.

I got as close as I could and rubbed up against her she didn't try to stop me. Her robe was open up past her knees and I put my leg on her she said are you going to sleep. I said I don't know, but not right now. She turned over on her side and her robe opened even more and I looked down at her legs and she said what are you looking at. She asked are you trying to see whats under my robe. I said no I wouldn't do that. She said are you sure because it looked to me like you were trying to see something special. She moved back around and her robe opened even more and then I looked I saw her hair.

She said did you see my pussy? I saw hair is that your pussy I asked. That is just hair the pussy is between my legs she said. The next thing she did shocked me she opened her robe and she said take a good look. I couldn't believe it she was showing me her bush and her the start of her crack open your legs I said. No she said that's not for your to see. I rolled over and got between her legs. She said get out of there, there is nothing there for you.

I pulled her legs apart and she tried to push me away. I was going crazy I wanted that pussy. I got up on her and she keep slapping me,but I didn't stop I just grabbed her tits and she was screaming now get to fuck off me. I pulled my boxers down and pushed my cock up against her pussy crack. You are going to be in trouble if you don't get off me she said. I put my hand down between her legs and found her hole and pushed my cock into her. You can't do this thing to me she screamed. I was able to push my whole cock inside her and I told her I am going to fuck you. No please don't do this thing to me please take it out she cried. Now on the computer the moms begin to like it and and work their asses off, this is not true with my mom she finally said if you are not going to stop just finish but don't cum inside me. I thought about on the computer moms take the cock and suck it so I asked mom if she would suck me off. She said are you crazy no I will not do that or anything else you pervert. I don't know how the men on line can go for 10 or 20 minutes or more because I was ready and I have not been in her for more that 2 minutes. She asked are you cumming? Oh I can't stop it feels so good I told her.

Your cumming inside of me aren't you she asked. No NO she said I told you not to cum in there. Mom I really fucked your pussy and shot my cum inside you I want to do it some more I told her. Get off me I have to go clean your cum out of me she said. I rolled over and just laid there on the bed. My cock was soft and when she came back into the room she laid down on the bed and grabbed my cock and said I should cut it off for what you did to me.

I told her if you suck it it will get hard again. What is it with you and cock sucking she asked? I said I thought because you were holding it you wanted it to get hard again. She lay there jerking and rubbing my cock and said it's all wet and soft and said and I am not going to suck it. I should make you lick the cum out of my pussy that you shot in there when I told you not to she said. She opened her legs and said there is still some cum in there. I rolled over and looked as she spread the lips and there was some white stuff on the lips of her hole. Stick your tongue in there and suck the cum out she said. No I wouldn't I told her. She said you want me to suck your cock it's the same thing. Mom I am sorry I forced myself on you I know I shouldn't have done it I told her. Let's never talk about this again and I forgive you she told as she held me in her arms.