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I'm a receptionist now for a law firm and receive items from FED EX 2 or more times a week. The delivery driver doesn't recognize me now since I have gained weight and don't dye the grey in my hair. I know him so well I never remind him of how I do. It was probably over 12 years ago when I answered a local newspaper add for a home care assistant. He was 18 years old at the time and bedridden with many injuries external and internal. I knew he had 3 separate operations after a bad car accident and my job was basically to prepare his meals, make sure he took his medications and to aide him in his bathroom needs. His mother hired me after I lied about my qualifications but I was in desperate need of a job at the time. It paid well and I worked 8 to 4 pm every week day. I knew before I met Brian that the bathroom needs wasn't what I was hoping for but when I found out he was only 18 it didn't seem as bad as some real old guy. His mother left me instructions and introduced me to him and he seemed like a little kid to me at the time. I was about 30 at the time and he seemed ok with me taking care of him. He was under a sheet and the first day I found out he only wore boxer shorts all the time. Little did I know at the time how his mother stressed to me to use the latex gloves on his table. He was so feeble at the time I had to hold his penis for him to pee into the urine container and keep track of how much urine he had per day. I also had to keep track of his bowel movements but he only seemed to poop once a day and some days didn't. The first week their I didn't bathe him since his mother said she would take care of it until he go used to me being there. After that his mother instructed me how to wash him and the first tmie I did I think Brian wanted to cry with embarrassment. Why I 'm not sure because I had already held his penis and wiped his butt. I imagine the fact he is completely naked when I wash him had a different effect on him. As days went by there were times he had no bowel movements and I had to give him suppositories which plainly humiliated him. As time went on he was able to hold his penis to pee but I still had to wipe his butt and wash him.

I think about a month went by when he began to get erections as I washed him and at first he lit up like a red light blushing more than I had ever seen before. I didn't know how to react at first but I just told him not to worry about it. It amused me also and after I finished washing him instead of putting his shorts back on right away began putting the suave on his incision scars leaving him naked longer and watching his penis go back to limp. By the following month I could tell he was getting much better and asked if he wanted to wash himself the best he can and I would do his legs and feet.. Right away he said he couldn't so by this time it was obvious he liked me washing his genitals and any embarrassment he had before was gone. He didn't even mind me watching him pee or wiping his but. The one thing I think still did embarrass him was when he needed to get suppositories. He continued to get an erection every time I washed him and neither he or I said anything about it. The mother came home on day and mentioned how good it was that Brian could wash himself now but I just went along with it. I'm not sure exactly why but I enjoyed seeing him get aroused and feel his penis getting erect when I touched him. His erection lasted longer than the first few times it happened and he had the erection the entire time I pushed him on his side to wash around his anal area and butt. I just never said anything and also enjoyed looking at it. His penis wasn't as big as my boyfriends but it was a good size and hard as a rock. I made him lunch after I wash him and one day I went to the bathroom and when I came out peeked in his room seeing him jerking off. after that first time he masturbated I began looking in more of and ended up watching him jerk off over a dozen times. Then I knew for sure he was getting a lot better and within the next few week he was able to get out of bed. He could use the toilet and take a shower but still needed help getting there. I would take him to pee and without asking just pull down his boxer shorts. When I took him for a shower I took them off him in the bedroom walking him naked to the shower. I was at the point that I liked seeing him naked and by that time I suspect he liked me seeing him nude. He never object to me seeing him shower and I helped him dry off afterwards. When he did shower he almost always got an erection with me never touching him and I think my presence was the reason for it. I spent just shy of 14 weeks taking care of him and honestly hated when it was over. I think it gave me a sense of power over him and at the same time was kind of flattering how my presence cause him to be aroused. When he first started delivering to my office a few months ago I wasn't sure if it was him but now I am and know the FED EX guy's name is Brian. I was going to tell him who I was a couple times but think its better if I don't.