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About 3 months ago my niece got me with a huge surprise that i really wasn't expecting.

I had the family around for a gathering. This included my niece. I have always loved young girls and my niece is just a stunningly beautiful girl. At 15 i would have given anything to put my cock int her pussy and fill her up.

Anyway, about mid afternoon i slipped away and went and found her bikini pants in her bag. I took them to the bathroom with me and was enjoying wanking myself with them wrapped around my cock. I didn't realise i hadn't locked the door and of all people she came walking in. She immediately saw i had her pants around my cock. It was too late for me and i let go, pumping my entire load into the bikini pants gusset. The gusset was completely covered and swollen full of my cum.

She got very angry and hit me and told me i was disgusting and a pig. She kept it up for a few moments then she said she will get revenge on me. She took the pants, which i thought she was going to go out and tell my sister that her uncle had cummed in her bikini. But, i was wrong. She said she feels like going for a swim, and dropped her skirt and panties on the floor. Just seeing her almost hairless cunt i was ready to go again. She stepped into the bikini pants and pulled them up. Before i could even say anything she had them on, tight against her pussy and around her waist. If this wasn't enough, you could see the bikini was starting to dampen and was clearly swollen over her pussy. She immediately complained of an itch and again, me still frozen, she put her hand over the bikini gusset and pushed it into herself. As she pressed it in, she used 2 fingers to push right up into her pussy, and i mean right in deep. Her fingers were completely inside her as she did this, pushing and moving them around inside her.

As she left the room she just said i better hope she doesn't get pregnant. Now just over 3 months later we had a family gathering on the weekend and she came along. She was wearing a short skirt and a midriff top, showing her belly. She clearly has a bump forming and my sister wasted no time when she saw me staring telling me that my niece is pregnant, about 12 or 13 weeks and she won't tell anyone which boy she fucked. I was rock hard all night knowing my niece has my baby inside her sexy young body. I made sure that since i couldn't do anymore harm that we got a chance to meet in the back lounge away from the rest of the family for a few minutes and i actually fucked her properly.

She got me off super quick talking dirty to me. She told me she hopes she has a daughter so i can impregnate her when she grows up too. That did me in.