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Went to Atlantic City for two nights with a girl I work with who got a free room. Met a guy the first night and let him talk me into going to his suite in a different casino. I had smoked some weed earlier and then switched to crack and was pretty high when we got a cab. When we got to this guys suite it was amazing how nice it was and after a drink smoked more crack. I made out with the guy and did let him feel me up some but the next thing I knew there were two more guys there. I had more crack and before I knew it I was naked and having sex. I admit I never resisted anything but for the next few hours these three guys did everything sexually imaginable to me. I not only had intercourse with all of them but also performed oral sex on the three guys I think more than once.. it wasn't like I wanted to but like I didn't have a choice of what went on. I was also screwed anally by at least two of them and as many times as I wanted them to stop I never said anything. As high as I was on the crack I know I had an orgasm many times and seemed to be easily aroused. Then everything went blank and I guess I just fell asleep or passed out. I vaguely remember riding in a car and then having someone from the casino I was at taking me to my room in a wheelchair. The girl I was with let me in and I didn't remember anything until the next day. I don't know who these guys were and don't even know what casino I was at. When I got up around noon not only my vagina hurt but my anus was sore as hell. Then I wanted to throw up realizing I had the taste of semen in mouth. When I wiped my butt I also noticed semen on the toilet paper and then began to worry not knowing if these guys used condoms. I checked my vagina but didn't see any semen seeping out but knew I was penetrated many times by the pain I was experiencing. How stupid can I be to let three guys do all that to me. Its not like I never had sex before but I never had sex with more than one guy at a time. I never had anal sex before and just the thought of it still makes me sick. For the next 6 weeks I kept checking to make sure I wasn't pregnant. And went twice to get a blood test afraid of some infection. The original guy I met I remember what he looked like but the other two guys I have no recollection of them. The girl I was with kept asking me what happened but I never told her about the three guys and just said I had to much crack. I can't tell anyone about it and its the most shameful thing I ever let happen. My whole body hurt for a week an even my breasts were sore. I do remember quite a bit of it but a lot more then I remember must have went on. I can't believe I let myself be so abused and humiliated and am so ashamed of myself I can't stand it I recollect how I was in pain many times and think they intentionally spanked me because my butt cheeks were dark red the next day. I doubt I was ever asked to consent to anything and know I would not have let them have anal sex with me. What I don't understand is that I never once told them to stop and even through the painful things I never complained to them. Needless to mention that I haven't smoked any crack since then.