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I am 33 lightskin female very sexy, I am single mother and not sexually active alot, but I have a thing for my brother idk what it is, I decieded to tag him in my new facebook pics he commented on one, few mins later he text me that I was sexy to be his sister I said thanks he was telling me how pretty i am and any man should be lucky, i ask did he find me sexually, he said ever since we took baths together i told him how excited i use to be he is 3 years younger but he always made me play with it, i told him it was along time, and if me and my daughter could stay the night he said sure. I get there we have drinks my daughter is 9. I go to fimd his lighter and i found old porn dvds, dildos and fleshlights. I slip on my panties and bra and go back in room with them his eyes are glue i sit beside him where my legs are on his he licks his lips, i can see his dick in briefs..fast forward my daughter ask could we sleep with him I said well he sleeps naked so i dont kno she said she didnt care, we crawl in bed she between us i put my hand over i go over her leg and i feel his soft dick against her, i start to pull and rub on it i feel it getting hard, he hands go down she wiggles i can see her pulling down her shorts looking at me bitting lips (i caught her watching porn before) I put his dick on her butt, and down legs she start to grind and put legs on him, i couldnt resist i crawl undercovers grab balls lick up and down, sucking it, i told my daughter dont tell nobody, i go down hit my throat I gag he feet on his thigh I grab foot and put it on dick to hold up while I like it i heard her moaning he was rubbing her.I close in her pussy was getting wet I licked it my ass up he stands go behind me I feel his tougne in my ass eating my pussy, He slides up I can feel that big dick slapping it went it I was in bliss, streching my tight pussy She turns phone light on, and she stands beside and watch she touches my ass, after few I hear her i look back she is sucking him I was so turned on yes she must be mine, she stop with look on her face ask why i taste like that, i told her never ask question, she kept. Up for while We both share he start dripping precum i let her eat it, he slow pushed cum out it didnt shoot, it was just on top of head she sucked it off, gave her goldenshower, i laid on my back he fucked me good missonary sucking my tits and toes i hear him tell me how good it is, i couldnt hold it i just start peein he licked and stuck back in i couldnt stop, he moaning he is about to cum in my ear, I wrap my legs tight pull him in i fel him clinch my neck loud moan i grab chin make him look me in eyes I feel all of it throbbing in me...mmmmmm she went to sleep 1st that rest night i was holding and kissing my bro thinking of how good his dick is....So now me and his Girlfriend going out girls day shopping lol and she has no idea his shit all in me....m