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I feel so dirty omg I am 31 CNA , my husband was at work and I have been watching porn that day I had a erge for cock, there is a bar up street and I was struggling with bills and 2 guys that is poz std pay girls big money 2 fuck I was feeling slutty after few drinks and sat beside them one said what is a pretty girl like you doing, I relpied looking for some fun showing off my legs, I felt a cols finger which made me shake touch my back he whipsered how much to get a girl like you, I told him Maybe 900 the other one reached in his pocket and grabbed a handful of cash and said I match that with a thousand, I was shocked they took me out to car, told me to follow them, to a motel a block down, I feel so sulty I walk into room I feel something in my hand its so much money I felt my skirt coming down and heard zipper unzip as I turn it a big hanging uncut cock I am drawn to it I get on my knees he runs if over my nose I lick it and he puts it in my mouth, It taste very different but I kept doing until It hit my throat, i seen out my eye other cock rock hard they were like 10inches, I shove both in my mouth well tried. I WAS bent over bed I felt the uncut strech me open I was in awe he pounded me while I choked on other cock after moment they switched, did missonary and switched, 30 mins or so passed they are fucking me like crazy..One choked me and pulled me to bathroom sat me on floor by toilet the uncut cock jerked in my face He growled and his cum shot in my face i open my mouth I taste the ewww it was sour and the other guy begins to piss I was shocked he pulled my hand close I said fuck it and open my mouth it was bitter and nasty I pissed on floor...they took me to bed and both came inside me my mind was racing not thinking i just put on my skirt and bra and walked out barefoot to car...went home my bf wanted to fuck me with his small cock so I let him fantasizing about everything I did