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I was horny but my wife said she had stomach problems and would probably shit all over me. I said "fine" and said I was going for a drink. I'c heard about a new place opening up downtown so I drove a block from the bar and walked over. Just as I'd heard, it was a gay bar. There were a number of male couples making out at different tables and even a couple of women couples going at it. I was sitting at the bar on my fourth drink when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and heard, "Buy me a drink?" Long blonde hair, soft hands and smallish tits with nipples that poked out through a t-shirt.. I ordered two drinks for us. She said her name was Denise but it used to be Dennis. I was intrigued and was getting turned on a little. Then she invited me to her booth in the corner. We walked over and sat down.

She leaned over and kissed me. Her lips were soft and her tongue was long. I felt a hand on my cock so I put my hand on her crotch. I was surprised when my hand felt a hardening cock as well. She said she wasn't done with the hormones but her cock still worked. We stroked each other until we shared erections. Then she asked if I ever had a blowjob in a bar. When I said no she scooted down to the floor and between my legs. I looked around and nobody was paying any attention to us, and beside it was pretty dark. I leaned back and felt my cock being released, then a pair of soft lips on my cock. She/he sucked me until I was rock hard and I asked if she wanted my load. She said yes and I let go. I filled her mouth with about 9 days of cum. She came back up after I was spent and kissed me again. I tasted my cum on her tongue.

I said "Fuck baby, that was much better than my old lady." She smiled and said it was my turn. I had never thought about sucking a cock before but was just drunk enough to try it. I got down between her legs and exposed her cock. It was actually much bigger than mine and as soon as I put it in my mouth I was hooked. I wanted as much as I could get in my mouth. When she was hard she asked if I wanted a real adventure. When I told her I did she led me down a hall to a small room with a bed in it. She said to strip. When I was totally naked she had me kneel on the bed. Then she got behind me and started to tongue my asshole. This was something my wife never did and I was loving it. Then she shoved a finger up my wet slimy asshole. This was even better. When I moaned she pulled her finger out and knelt behind me. She shoved her cock so far up my ass I thought it hit things that had never been touched. What a fucking thrill this was. As she slowly started to fuck me she asked if I liked it. I responded in the positive and after about five minutes she turned me over. She pushed my legs up and shoved her cock back into me. She played with my tits as she fucked me so I reached up and started to play with hers. Her nipples got harder and harder and she said she was about to cum. I told her to let me have it all and she filled my ass with her hot jizz.

When she was spent she pulled her cock out and wiped it off with a small towel that was near the bed and straddled my chest. She said she wanted to mouth fuck me. I took her back into my mouth. I couldn't believe how big it was. It was probably seven or eight inches long and pretty thick. It got even bigger as I sucked her to erection. Then she said she could go all night. She moved us into a 69 position with a cock in each of our mouths. I didn't believe that I could get hard after cumming but she proved me wrong. She fingered my asshole as she sucked me until I was ready to cum. She said she was ready to cum also. I came first and she took what I had left and a minute later she filled my mouth with her cum. I thought it would be gross but fuck man it was fucking fantastic. I took every bit of her cum and when I was done sucking she/he was as clean as a newborn.

Although my cock is small compared to hers she said she really enjoyed it and said she was here very Friday and Saturday night. When I got home my wife was already asleep. I slipped into the shower and cleaned myself off of Denise's juices. For the next six months I sucked, fucked, and was fucked by this tranny. My wife followed me one night and caught us. I've been divorced now and have married a large man with a huge cock. His name is Tom and just can't get enough of his cock cum mouth and ass.