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I just turned 17 last week mixed white/black girl and I work tacobell and we have guy been there few weeks he is black and older I made eye contact first day and I bumped my butt on him we dont work together much but tonight we did I was beside him the whole night I asked how old r u he said 30 deep voice which scared me but I got wet we locked eyes for a long time he licksd his lips so my friends up front talkin about sex we went on break together we talked he was so sexy i gave him my number, we got off I walked to car and ask could he take me home he said yeah all of a sudden we pull up to his house I said what are you doing his reply was you said take you home I said ok smarty we go in he smoke and drink he took his shirt off asked did i have time for him to take a shower so he did, he came out wit the old towel trick but I could see his print soft it was moving side to side he seen me smile i was staring my bf only is 5inches i was in a daze my shoes slipped off, i got close he rub my neck and unbuckles my work pants his towel falls is a big i ask do he fuck alot he laughed, i went to get on my knees he grab my neck stood me up kissn my neck i was shaking he pulls my pants and thong down bends me over and start licking everything i am about to faint he sticks tongue all in my booty i didnt wash for 8 hours he pull mtme to bed I lay back he suck my nipps and goes down again he grab my foot and sucks my feet i see his thing grow its poking up hard i slide down and suck him, pulling on it my first big one I choked after while he tried to put it in Didnt fit, he fingered for a src then i felt it go in i let him I gave in I feel like I never felt he was going slow and knew what he was doing his voice in my ear we did all positions, my bf called i picked up tried to stay quite but we both was on speaker i moan and u can hear slaps he ask wat u doin then he start fucking me hard I scream out its wet u can hear it my bf saying baby no what u doing he put more dik in me I yell i love black a voice in background said Dude hang it up shes gone, guy grabs my phone hangs up, so i suck him some more he tells me sit on his lap so i do he told me to pee i got up he pulls me back down and say right here I ask r u going to pee to he said yea so i jerk him off So i pee on his leg, i felt his pee hot come out on my chest and it got on my face i jerked back some he point to floor he finished up so he f''ked me some more he said he was about to NUT he pulled out and put it on my clit and it cum on my whole pussy he grab my head and made me lick it, i was feeling good he dropped me off at home, my bf and i just got off phone he told me he still loves me..I feel like a real slut now