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I've been a 3rd grade teacher now for almost twenty years and love having off all summer. My boyfriend Jarrett and I have lived together now for 2 years I'm 43 and Jarrett is 46. He is a corporate salesman and is either in Philadelphia or New York for two nights each week usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. His son Jarrett Jr. is 20, and in college, but visits us on holidays and stays with us during the summer for the last two years. Jarrett and I both sleep naked every night and even when he is away I sleep like that. I know how irresponsible and immoral this sounds but his son came in my room many times when his father was out of town and I basically let him molest me. I do drink a lot of wine during the summer and believe Jarrett Jr. thinks I'm drunk enough that I don't know what he is doing. The shameful thing is I am well aware he is in my room, act like I am semi conscious and allow him to ravish my body. What is even more shameful is that I missed it when he went back to school in August. The first time it happened I had a buzz from the wine but wasn't nearly drunk. I went to bed about 11 o'clock that night and think it was about 1 or 2 am when Jarrett came in my room. I honestly thought a first that my boyfriend was home forgetting he was away for a moment. My breasts were being fondled and the sheet over me was pulled down. the only light was a nightlight on the wall socket. Then I felt one hand begin to touch my vagina and without any suspicion let myself become aroused as his fingers began penetrating me. I just reacted by opening my legs more and I think I finally realized it wasn't my boyfriend doing it. Right away I knew it had to be his son but I was so aroused at the time I just let him continue. before I knew what was happening I could feel his lips on my vagina and he began licking me. I knew I should have stopped him right then but I was in the verge of an orgasm and know I moaned and moved my body towards him. As I orgasmed he didn't stop and I had a second orgasm as he slowly got up and left my room. As he exited the door I saw him from behind and he also was naked. I laid there for a moment not knowing what to do or how to react. I was almost in tears regretting it and feeling so guilty for letting him do it. When I saw him the next morning it felt very awkward just anticipating what he or I would say about it. He just said good morning to me like nothing happened and a short time later asked if I had a hangover and made a few remarks about how much wine I drink. He then left when a friend came for him and I didn't see him until that night when my boyfriend got home.

I was afraid to tell Jarrett what his son did and to embarrassed and ashamed to admit I did nothing about it. The following Wednesday morning Jarrett left for Philadelphia and late that afternoon his son came home bringing me a bottle of wine which he had a friend who's 21 buy for him. I did drink most of it but not enough to even have a slight buzz. When I went to bed that night I couldn't sleep just twisting and turning with the TV on and questioning myself about what I would do if Jarrett Jr. came in again. I eventually fell half asleep and heard the door being opened and slightly open my eyes. The TV was still on, it must have been 3 am and there was Jarrett Jr. coming in my room naked. I almost said something but just laid there as though I was asleep as he slowly pulled the sheet off me. I knew from the light of the TV he knew I was naked and didn't hesitate to begin feeling me up. I would squint open my eyes slightly and could see he had an erection and wished I had turned the TV off. I am so ashamed to admit this but I again allowed him to finger me and give me oral sex. I tried not to make my reaction obvious but once I was aroused so much I couldn't help but react with the sounds I made and the way I moved my pelvis. His tongue penetrated me and I must have orgasmed three times and I'm sure he knew it. He got up and left the room again and as he did he was holding his penis. I suppose he masturbates after doing this to me and had a full erection when he left the room. I don't think I slept more than an hour that night and just laid there thinking about what to do. I finally decided to do nothing and let Jarrett Jr. think I am an alcoholic or just a drunk or wino. The rest of the summer it went on at least one of the nights his father was away and often twice in a week. He began putting his penis in my hand once in awhile but I acted like I was asleep, never coming close to jerking him off. There were other times he slid his penis across my lips but again I never reacted to it. I have a feeling he knows I am aware of what he is doing but not him or I have ever spoken about it. I never had the TV on after that one time and felt more comfortable with only the nightlight. What I could never control was the way my pelvis moved when his tongue was in me and the groans I was unable to control. I could never tell Jarrett what went on all summer and know his son wouldn't dare tell him. As much as I am ashamed of allowing this to happen I had never been stimulated in such a way before. I won't see Jarret Jr. until Thanksgiving and will just go along like none of this ever happened. I never thought of myself as immoral before this but having a guy that young desire me and satisfy me the ways he did made me feel more desirable and attractive. Jarrett and I have great sex and I can't help myself sometimes thinking about his son when we are having sex especially when he performs oral sex on me.