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When I went into the army as a young married GI I was straight totally. I was showing my new wife's picture to some buddies and they made some nasty remarks about her being a good pussy and that she gave good blow jobs for guys in high school before I married her etc. I was very angry and they tore the pics out of my hands. I begged them to give them back and they said not until I sucked their cocks. I had never done that before but after a week or so I agreed to get the pics back. The 3 guys took me behind the latrine and I got down on my knees and gave each of them a blow job. I took 3 loads down my throat, I was amazed that it did not taste bad and I actually liked sucking their cocks.

When we were done they gave me one picture. They said the other 2 would be after I sucked them again. Well I was not as reluctant this time and did them all again. For the 3rd picture however they took my virgin ass. It hurt at first but then I started having huge orgasms. They knew I liked it. They began calling me a sissy bitch and a fag.

Then about a month later the 3 of them went on leave. They went to my apartment and raped and fucked my wife all weekend. They got her to admit that she gave blow jobs to boys in high school. They told her I was a fag and I liked sucking cocks and getting my ass fucked. She told me in a letter that she had a black boy friend who was fucking her real good and that I would never have sex with her. We have been married for 13 years now and I have never had sex with her since. I do suck her boy friends cocks and they fuck my ass in front of her. She gets great sex and so do I.

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