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My wife of 4 years had been fooling around with her well hung co worker for about a year, she only stopped because we were going to try and have another baby. At 5' tall and 100 pounds shes a hot lil blonde. So one night while we were fooling around I said wouldnt it be hot as hell if M came inside of you right now? She gasped and said no, im due to ovulate any day now! Not sure why, but this made me so excited... I said text him and tell him you need his cum inside of you tonight! She said with how big he is (9" and thick) he could easily get me pregnant honey! I said lets roll the dice and see. This made her very wet. She texted him and said she needed his cum. About 10 minutes later we got his reply. He said meet me at my house in an hour. My wife couldnt believe it, as he knew she wasnt protected at the moment. She was nervous and started thinking of reasons to blow him off. Until I started nibbling her neck and telling her I wanted M to put a baby in her belly. She got dressed and left around 8. She didnt get home until 3am. She said M couldnt wait to cum inside of her. He did it 3 times that night. She missed her period that month. Our daughter is 4 now. M has since moved away. Yet my wife and I want to do it again! It was so erotic, she still teases me about it sometimes with her sexy little smirk....