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My neighbors have 2 kids. A boy that is 9 and a girl that is 6. I have a pool and these two come over to swim often. Sometimes I will sit and watch them. One day the boy kept pulling his sister's swim suit bottom down. She would just giggle and pull them back up. He did it several times. She reacted the same each time. I got the impression that they played around sexually a lot. So, I called them over and asked him “do you like to see your sister's private parts?” He said yes. She just giggled. I asked her if she liked it too. She smiled and shook her head yes. I asked her if she had ever seen her brother’s privates. She said yes. I asked them if they ever touched each other's privates. They shook their head and smiled and said yes. I asked them if they would do it now so that I could see. They both giggled and looked at each other and got kind of embarrassed and said yes. First the boy pulled his sister's bottom down and started touching her little pussy. She just giggled and looked at me with an embarrassed look on her face. She was blushing. I asked her if it felt good? She said yes. She soon reached over and started touching him through his swim trunks, which he immediately pulled down. He had a pretty nice sized dick for a 9-year-old and it was erect. She began to touch it and stroke it and I asked him if it felt good. He smiled and said yes. I asked them if that is all they ever did. They said yes. I asked them if they knew that there were all kinds of other things they could do that was really fun. They said no, they did not know. I asked them if they wanted me to show them. They said yes. I told the little girl that a really cool thing that all guys like is for a girl to kiss their dick. She kind of made a face and I asked her to try it. I told her to get down on her knees in front of him. She did. I said now kiss it. She did. I said now lick it. She did. I said kiss it and lick it all over. She did. I then told her to take it into her mouth. She did. I said now slide your mouth up and down on it. Use your lips and tongue. She did. I asked him how it felt. He was enjoying it so much he could barely speak. He barely managed to say "awesome." I had her keep it up for a few minutes and praised her on what a good job she was doing. I then had her stop and said now it is his turn to make you feel good. I had her remove her swim suit bottom and lay down on a lounge chair. I told her to raise her legs and bend them at the knees and spread them open as wide as she could. She did. WOW!! What a beautiful little pussy!!! I told him to lay on his stomach between her legs and kiss and lick her little pussy. He did. I explained to him to put his tongue in her little slit and lick up and down. I asked her how it felt, and she said good. I asked her to reach down and hold her pussy lips apart and I tried to show him the best spots to lick. I said here let me show you. So, he got up and I got between her little legs and I began to run my tongue up and down her little slit and concentrated on her little pussy hole and where her little clit would soon be developing. After a few minutes of this, she began to breath rather heavily and I sped up my tongue action on her little 6-year-old pussy. Soon her little legs started to shake, and she started moaning. I believe she was about to have an orgasm, but it scared her, because she pushed my head away and closed her legs and sat up. I asked her if she was OK. She hesitated a few seconds and then said yes. I asked her if she liked it. She smiled really big and said YES!!! I then showed them how they could do each other at the same time. (69) Then I had the girl get in the doggie style position and explained to the boy how girls liked to have their butt holes kissed and licked and fingered too. I told him to watch me. So, I began to kiss and lick the little girls butt cheeks all over and then started running my tongue up and down her ass crack. After a few minutes of this, I began to concentrate my tongue action on her tiny pink anus. At the same time, I began to rub my finger up and down her little pussy slit. After a few minutes, I started to try to push my tongue into her extremely tight little anus. She started to moan. I could tell that her sphincter was beginning to relax because I was able to get the tip of my tongue into her butthole. The more I rubbed her little pussy the more her asshole relaxed and the deeper I got my tongue in her butt. I told the boy to position himself in front of her so that she could suck on his dick. He did... and she began to suck on it like she was hungry!!! I had a raging hard on that was already dripping precum. I pulled my swim suit off and began to wipe as much precum as possible all over my index finger and then onto her asshole. now that it was well lubed with my precum, I began to push my finger into her asshole. She was breathing very heavily by now as she sucked her brothers dick. With one hand I was working her pussy and the other hand I was working my well lubed index finger deep into her tiny little anus. Soon she began to shake all over and her moans turned into something else I don't know how to explain. But she was obviously having a very powerful orgasm!!! Her orgasm lasted several seconds and then she collapsed on the lounge chair. She was trying to catch her breath and trying to tell us how good it felt at the same time. After a few minutes I asked them how they liked the things I showed them. They very enthusiastically said it was awesome!!!

Their eyes were locked onto my hard cock that was still dripping precum. I asked the little girl to get back in the doggie position and let me jack off on her sweet little butt hole. Neither had any idea what I was talking about and I told them one more thing to learn about. It did not take but a few strokes before I covered her beautiful little ass with cum as they both watched in amazement. I had her lick the last bit of cum off the tip of my dick. I asked her how it tasted. She said it was OK. I told them there was much more to teach them but we would do that another day. They said COOL!!! We put our bathing suites back on and they got back in the pool and I sat and watched them swim and play.

The next day they came over very early. After they swam a while, they came over to me and asked me to teach them some more “stuff.” I said OK, take off your swim suits. Today I was ready. I had brought out some lube, and some sex toys.

The first thing I did was take off my swim suit and, standing up, I put one foot up in a chair and bent over slightly, exposing my asshole and my hanging nut sack. I told the little girl to start kissing, licking and sucking my already erect cock. I then had the boy start licking my butthole. WOW!!! I thought I was going to cum RIGHT NOW!!! After a few minutes of this, I had them switch places. Now the boy was sucking on my cock and the girl was licking my asshole. I asked the boy if he had ever sucked a dick before. He said no. I then had the little girl put some of the lube on her middle finger and my asshole and had her stick her finger in my asshole. OMG!!! I had her start pushing her finger in and out of my asshole while her brother continued to suck on my cock. WOW!!! I was trying very hard not to come yet, but I could not hold it back any longer. I started shooting cum into the boy’s mouth. I told them both to keep doing what they were doing!!! Don’t stop!!!! The boy kept sucking despite all the cum filling his mouth!!! The girl kept finger fucking my butthole!!! I kept cumming!!!! I thought I was going to pass out!!! WOW!!!

I had to sit down before I fell down!!! While I tried to catch my breath I had them get on the lounge chair in the 69 position and start giving each other oral. I had them both apply some lube to their fingers and their assholes and start finger fucking each other’s tight little buttholes while they performed oral on each other. WOW!!! These kids were natural perverts!!!! THEY WERE LOVING IT!!! 6 and 9 years old!!!! INCREDIBLE!!! I really wanted to fuck them both, but I knew their little assholes and her little pussy were way to tight. I did not want to cause either of them any pain. My cock was erect again and I positioned my self where my cock was right over his face and her beautiful little butt and began to jack off as he ate her pussy and fingered her tight little butthole. It only took a few strokes before I was shooting another load of cum all over her sweet little ass and his hand and his face.

I was exhausted!!! I needed to rest. But they were just getting into it!!! I gave each one of them a vibrating egg and had them lube them up and slowly work them into their tight little assholes. I then had them get up on the table and sit in front of me. I turned the eggs on and their faces both lit up with surprise and shock!!!! I asked them how it felt and they both said very enthusiastically “awesome!!!!!!” “Cool!!!!” I had them both use a little lube and had him start jacking off and her rubbing her little pussy. They were sitting right in front of me and I was enjoying the show!!! Soon their little faces were getting red and they were breathing hard and within minutes they were both having orgasms!!!! They would rest a minute and then start again. I lost track of the number of orgasms they had. By this time my dick was hard again and I began to stroke it. Their eyes were fixed on my cock. We were all three staring at each other’s genitals and masturbating actions. What a sight!!! I then had them both get in the doggy position while still on the table in front of me. Starting with the little girl, I began to slowly pull the vibrating egg out of her asshole. I then slowly put it back in. Then I did him. Back and forth. From one to the other. Working the vibrating eggs in and out of their assholes. You could tell that they really liked that. The orgasms started coming faster and were more intense. I then removed her hand from her pussy and I began to stroke and finger her tight little pussy. Then I would remove his hand and I would stroke his hard little cock. This went on for quite some time. Eventually, they were exhausted and I had them stop. I still had a raging hard on, so I had them both get on their knees in front of me and I blew one last load of cum in their faces!!! Between the two of them they licked up and ate every last drop of my cum. They wanted more!!! I said I don’t know if I have any more but we can try!!! They said “OK. What do you want us to do now?” I said, well, it is gonna have to be something really good to even get me hard again. I really love fucking assholes, so let’s see if I can get my cock in one of your assholes. Who wants to try first?? They both jumped up and down and said “me, me.” I decided to try butt fucking the little boy first, because I wanted to save the best for last. I got him positioned in the doggy style position with his ass up in the air and spread wide open. I had his little sister use some lube and start finger fucking his tight little asshole. Rather quickly she had her middle finger sliding in and out of his butthole. I told her to try both her middle and her index finger at the same time. She did. His anus was quickly relaxing and quickly she had three fingers sliding in and out of his ass!!! I began to think this might actually be possible!!! I told her to stop and move out of the way and let me see if I could get my stiff dick in his ass. First I had her suck on it a little and then apply some lube to it. I positioned myself behind him and began to rub the head of my cock up and down his ass crack. Then I put it against his butthole and began to slowly push. His asshole looked so small in relation to my hard cock. I began to doubt if this was possible. But, I kept pushing and within seconds I felt the head of my cock suddenly enter his tight little anus. He kinda jerked and moaned something inaudible, so I stopped pushing. I told his little sister to fill her hand with lube and start jacking him off. He really liked that!!! Soon I started pushing again and my cock began to disappear into his tight little ass!!! OMG!!! I could not believe I was fucking this little 9 year old boy in the ass!!! I began to deep stroke his asshole and had her speed up her stokes on his dick. He was grunting and moaning and after only a minute or two, I was blowing another load of cum deep in his ass!!! I did not understand how I had any cum left in me!!!! As I was still cumming, I pulled it out and had her take it in her mouth and suck the last drop out. DAMN!!! Can this really be happening??? I just butt fucked a nine year old boy and pulled my cock out of his ass and had his six year old sister suck it dry!!!! This is just CRAZY!!!

I collapsed on one of the lounge chairs, exhausted. My balls were hurting!!! I could barely move. The boy was incoherently mumbling his approval and the little girl was jumping up and down and saying something about “my turn, my turn.” OMG!!! I thought to myself, there is no way I could possibly get another erection. I asked them to let me rest a few minutes and for them to 69 while I was resting. I lay there on a lounge chair and watched them eat pussy and suck cock for at least 20 minutes. My dick began to stir. I told them to get the lube and come over and start stroking my cock. I applied some lube to my middle finger and reached over and started stroking the little girls pussy with my finger. Soon I began to massage her little anus. She looked at me with an approving smile. I began to work my finger into her butthole. Within seconds my finger was all the way in her ass. I began to vigorously slide it in and out of her butthole. By the look on her face, she was obviously enjoying the deep finger fucking of her asshole. I had no strength left, so I had her straddle me and lower herself down on my dick. As she guided the head of my dick, she began to lower herself down. It was so tight that she had almost her whole body weight on the tip of my dick before it finally popped into her tight little asshole. She gasped loudly!!! I grabbed her and pushed her the rest of the way down and my cock disappeared into her tiny little butt. Soon with my help, she began to bounce up and down on my cock. She would lift up until just the head of my cock was still inside her, and then plunge back down until my entire cock was inside her ass. WTF???? A six year old girl was destroying my cock with her tiny little anus!!! Can this really be happening??? Our eyes were locked on one another as her eyes started rolling back in her head!!! She began to look like some kind of a demon possessed ass fucking alien!!! She was breathing very heavily and groaning and mumbling incoherently. She was slamming her tiny 6 year old body up and down on my cock!!! I was simply in disbelief!!! This was crazy!!! At about the same time my orgasm began to overtake me, her entire body started shaking and vibrating. I began to fill her with cum!!! Our orgasms seemed to make the world stand still!!! It seemed to go on forever!!! Wave after wave!!! Finally, she collapsed on my chest. We were both gasping for air. My cock was still in her. We just lay there like that for a few minutes. Finally my cock went soft and came out of her ass with a plop!!! I reached around and stuck my finger in her asshole. She jumped. I started pushing my finger in and out of her stretched little asshole and she moaned. She lifted her head up and looked into my eyes. She gently kissed me. There had been a lot of sex, but no kissing until now. I stuck my tongue in her mouth. She was not sure what to do. We clumsily kissed for several minutes, sticking our tongues in each other’s mouth and sucking on each other’s tongues and giggling as we slowly recovered from one hell of an ass fucking!!! Hard to believe that ass belonged to a six year old girl!!!