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I'm 34 years old and just spent 6 years and 7 months in prison for trafficking drugs. I also spent over 2 years in prison back when I was 22. My highly religious family mostly are afraid of me and abandoned me completely. I needed an address and job and the only one who would help me was Anita who was my uncle Franks ex wife. She was willing to give me a room in her house and got me a job working at the car wash. Anita is 66 and right away she said she didn't trust me and had rules for me to follow. She flat out told me if I got in trouble or didn't obey her rules I could go back to jail and she wouldn't hesitate to call my Probation Officer. My job sucked but it was needed for my probation and as it turns out she is worse than my PO. The first day I came home from work she made me stand in the living room and strip down to nothing even making me take off my underwear. Its not that I was never strip searched before but to stand there naked in front of her was embarrassing the first few times. About the 4th or 5th time she made me strip her sister Marge, who lives here also, was sitting in the living room which made it worse. Marge is 68 and ever since that first time is there every time now. Why would these two old ladies want to see me naked so often is a question I can't answer. Its been going on for over three months now and although it no longer embarrasses me Anita orders me to strip every time I come into the house. She empties my pockets out and checks all my clothes, even my boxers and t shirt. She doesn't do it all the time but often makes me bend and pull my butt cheeks apart thinking I could be hiding drugs. I laughed a couple times but when I did she got mad asking if I think its funny and repeating she don't trust me. Marge never says anything and only sits there looking at me. Once she is sure I don't have drugs on me I pick up my clothes and go to my room. I don't try to cover myself anymore and often think she is trying to humiliate me by doing this. If I go out on weekends she is there when I get home and checks my eyes first then makes me strip. A few times I told her it wasn't necessary but right away she said I can move anytime I want to. I try to explain that I have been clean since I went to prison but she still don't believe or trust me. When she was still married to my uncle Frank they were really close to me as a kid. Its just strange how these two old women see me naked so often and once that's all over with she and Marge are nice with me. When I first get home and as I am taking off my clothes she is like a witch and real nasty with me. By the time I shower and come down for dinner she is like a different person.