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She's a bitch but I love her. We've been married for about 15 years and lately she doesn't seem to want sex at all. That Friday night I told her I was going for a drink and went to a local bar. It wasn't a gay bar but occasionally guys that were a little effeminate came in. That night I was at the bar looking rather pissed off and was on my fifth beer when another guy, about 60 sat next to me. He said his name was Tom and his ex had pissed him off. I told him my story and he said that we had a lot in common and if I wanted he could satisfy me. When I asked what he meant he said he would suck my cock like my wife never could.

I was intrigued and as we talked he said he had a place a couple blocks away. I decided that I was horny enough to let anybody suck me and told him I would be willing. We walked to his house about two blocks away and when we got inside he told me to strip. I did and he said to get down and suck his cock. I was reeling and didn't know what I was doing, but I knelt down and unzipped his pants. His cock popped out and it was huge, at least compared to mine. I took him in my mouth and sucked him until he was hard. He was about eight inches when hard and it filled my mouth. I cupped his nuts and kept sucking him. He finally said he was gonna cum and pulled me as close as I could get. I had about five inches in my mouth when he filled my mouth with his jizz. I loved it and swallowed nearly every drop. He said to keep sucking him until he was hard again. It took about 20 minutes but he was finally hard. Then he pulled my face off of his cock and took his pants off. My eyes were glued to his cock the whole time.

He then told me to turn around and get on all fours. I did and he started to tongue my asshole. It felt great and a few minutes later he replaced his tongue with two fingers. He stretched my asshole out for the next five minutes and then replaced his fingers with his cock. When he plunged his cock into my ass I nearly fainted. It felt so fucking good I nearly creamed right then. He started to slowly fuck me and gradually got harder and deeper until he was fucking my ass like a $400 whore. He fucked me until I nearly passed out. He was finally ready to cum and said he was gonna breed me like I was his girlfriend. I was in fucking heaven and when he started cumming my ass felt his warm jizz fill me up to overflowing. What a fucking stud! After he was spent he kept fucking me until his cock started to go limp. Then he pulled out of my ass and told me to lay on my back. he stuck his cock back in my mouth and I sucked the last of his com out of him.

He got dressed and told me we were done. I walked back to my car and drove home. My wife was in bed already and I hopped in the shower to wash his cum off and out of me. She was never the wiser and I met this guy several times over the next couple months. I thoroughly enjoyed him fucking me and will continue to see him as long as I can. Whether or not my wife ever sucks my cock again I know that I always have a cock waiting at the bar.