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When we got married I thought she was pretty vanilla. Sex in a couple positions was okay but her demure attitude and personality indicated that she wasn't really into much that was kinky. We had been married a couple of months when she opened up about her fantasies. Gang rape, fucking a big black stud, things like that. It always revolved around her pleasure. She asked me about my fantasies and I told her I wondered what it would be like to have a vagina and have a big cock inside me. Nothing too kinky. About as kinky as we got was her fingering my asshole when she sucked me. But she never swallowed. I was okay with our sex life and never dreamed she wanted to go a little farther.

That night was pretty special for both of us. She sucked me for a bit and played with my ass as usual. She got me hard but I didn't cum. I sucked on her pussy a bit as well, then she told me she wanted to be on top. I was okay with that. It didn't involve me doing anything except laying there letting her do all the work. It was good. I lasted longer than usual and finally came inside her. After I was spent she told me to roll over. I figured I was in for a nice massage but was surprised when I felt something much larger than a finger start to enter my asshole. I started to say "What the fuck?" when she told me to just shut up and enjoy it. I felt her slowly enter me with a big rubber cock. It was a little painful but I loved her enough to let her do whatever she wanted. Before I knew it she had that eight inch cock buried to the rubber balls.

She stroked in and out a little and wiggled it around and it hit my prostate a number of times, making my cock twitch each time. "How is that honey?" she asked me. I just moaned and told her not to stop. She rubber fucked me for about 20 minutes until I needed her to stop. This became our new routine for about a year, then one night she asked me if I wanted to get a little kinkier. I figured it would be okay and told her so. She said she had a special surprise in store for the next Friday night.

That night came and she told me to shower and clean myself inside and out. I figured it was a different rubber cock for my ass or something like that. We fucked like usual until I filler her cunt with my cum and when she got off of me she said to turn over. I did and she tied my hands and feet to the four corners of the bed. I figured this was the surprise. She walked out of the bedroom. When she finally came back in 15 minutes later she put her sleeping mask on my face and I was completely in the dark. She started to say that this was going to make me hornier for more than I ever had in my life. I felt her massage my back and work her hands down to my ass. She massaged my ass cheeks and eventually moved her hand down to my asshole. She had lubed me up well and told me to say that I needed a cock in my ass. She often had me tell her that before she rubber fucked me so I said "I really need your cock in my ass." She said "Tell me to make your asshole a real man cunt." I said it and a minute later I felt it against my asshole. It felt different this time.but I figured it was just a different rubber cock. Then I heard her whisper in my ear "Do you like that honey?" I told her I loved it. She said it was a new toy. I still didn't understand and didn't make the connection that her head was close to my ear while I was being fucked.

Within a couple of minutes she undid my restraints and had me turn over. I was finally starting to understand. I was now on my back and being fucked by a real cock instead of her rubber one. She said it was the hottest fucking thing she'd ever seen and asked if I liked it. I said yes and she took the mask off of my eyes. When I focused I saw it was Elmer, the 70ish man three doors down. She then said she's been fucking him for months now and thought I would enjoy him too. I wasn't mad and she then said it was okay if I liked cock and she understood the attraction. He fucked me for another five minutes then pulled his cock out of my ass. She handed him a towel and he wiped his cock off. I got my first look at it. It was about seven inches long, it curved down slightly and was a bit thicker than mine. She told me to turn around with my head off of the head of the bed. When I was positioned he was standing in front of me with his cock at my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before but she urged me on. Then she said if I swallowed his cum she would start swallowing mine.

It took about five minutes of him mouth fucking me and he said he was going to cum. He asked if I wanted in my mouth. I only had to thing for a second and nodded yes. Immediately he started cumming and filled my mouth. I was able to swallow every fucking drop of his load. He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked him clean. He said to suck him hard again. In fifteen minutes his cock was hard. He pulled out and turned to my wife and nodded. She quickly crawled on the bed on her back and opened her legs. He plunged his cock into her up to his nuts. He fucked her for the next 20 minutes while I laid close to her cunt watching his beautiful cock fuck my wife until he filled her cunt with his second load.

That was the first night of our swinging lifestyle. It has been nearly 32 years now and we are still the horniest fucking couple in town. We have fucked and sucked more cock and pussy than I can remember. I know it's a little unconventional but it works for us and we love it.