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I have always enjoyed bestiality porn, typically involving a dog or horse and a woman. One night I was on my hands and knees jerking off when my dog started licking my asshole and balls. This really turned me on and while I had experience with men I never had been fucked by a dog and the thought of it turned me on. After a while he stopped licking and put his front paws around my waist. I could feel him trying to jump me so I positioned my asshole to where I could feel the tip of his cock hitting it and relaxes my asshole so he could shove his cock into it. He fucked me fast and hard for a while until he slowed down and I could feel his knot starting to grow. His knot grew to a really nice size to where he couldn’t pull it out and I started feeling his cum being shot into my ass. He stayed there for what seemed like forever and when his knot shrank enough to pull out. His cum rushed out of my ass into a puddle on my bed. I licked up his cum and sucked on his cock. I didn’t realize it when it had happened but based on the puddle of cum that was shot where my cock had been I must have ejaculated at least 3 times. After that night we have done it almost every night since