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After my divorce 4 years ago I began renting a room in my house. Twice it was guys but last year a women answered my add and she moved in last December. She is 58 years old, works at Wal Mart, and is homely looking at best. She kept to herself the first few months although she could use the kitchen and have freedom of the house. She began coming downstairs in the evenings and would often find me in underwear or a robe. I did apologize but she is the one who said she didn't mind and it was ok since it was my house. By last March almost every night she saw me in my boxers or my robe and I was perfectly comfortable around her. I began leaving my robe untied exposing myself to her and she never said a word about it. There was no desire on my part to have sex with her but it became fun and amusing to me when I exposed myself to her. I then began leaving my bedroom and the bathroom doors open all the time and having her see me naked never once apologizing or having her say anything about it. Then back in May or early June. she saw me masturbating in my room. A short time later in the kitchen I came down with my boxers on and told her I was sorry she saw me jerk off. All she said was most guys do that all the time and it didn't bother her at all I couldn't understand why she wasn't offended by the way I had been exposing myself and especially when she saw me jerking off. I just couldn't figure out this woman. It was about a week after that when I came out of the bathroom naked as she was coming out of her room. I just stood there and asked her if she really did object to seeing me naked. Instead of being negative about it she told me I was handsome and had a nice body. I'm not sure how fast but standing naked there I automatically got a hard on which she noticed right away. Not sure where I got the guts to ask but bluntly asked if she would mind watching me jack off and she said alright. It was the first time she ever came into my bedroom and I laid down, put lotion on my hand and jerked off watching her watch me. All she asked afterwards was if it excited me more when she watched, to which I admitted it did. over the following month or so I got her to watch me 9 or 10 more times. Then it was the night of this past July 2nd she was going to watch me again when I asked her to do it for me. She never said yes or no only picking up the bottle of body lotion as I laid back in my bed. She not only jerked me off but played with my balls as she did it. From that night on she jerks me off a couple to a few times a week and all I have to do is ask. I have offered many times to masturbate her but she always declines. I have never touched her and never seen her undressed, not that I even care to. Since July I am naked most nights not even wearing my boxers anymore. She has told me many times since she enjoys seeing me naked. I asked her a few times if she masturbates but she always says it is not my business. She amazes me the way she is so easy going and so willing to jerk me off. I can't believe what a good tenant she turned out to be because originally I really didn't want a woman to move in. I have a girlfriend but only see her a couple times a week. She has been here only a few times but knows not what goes on in the evenings. When she is here and sees my woman tenant she's not the least bit concerned just by her appearance. Anybody who sees her would never believe the way me and her get along. She seems like some sad sack woman but I am certain she likes seeing me naked and enjoys jerking me off. I still don't comprehend how this all came about but am glad I took her in.