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After my divorce I met a woman with a stern demeaner. I was attracted to her and asked her out. We had dinner and she took me to a party. She teased me, got me very horny but no sex.

In an email she told me she liked men to wear girls panties and would I wear them for her. I agreed and we had a second date. She had a pair of bikini lace lined pink panties for me to put on. I started to go to the bathroom to put them on but she said, no, put them on in front of me. I undid my belt dropped my pants and under pants and put on the panties. She grabbed my genitals squeezed and said that's nice. I was roaring horny and hard as a rock. My cock was too big for the panties but she demanded that it all be covered. Somehow I squeezed it all in. The next night we went to a party. After a couple drinks she came up behind me, undid my belt and pulled my pants down, revealing my pink panties for all to see.

Then she pulled my hands behind my back and I felt hand cuffs put on me. My cock was rock hard and the head had pushed out of the top of the panties.

A woman came up to me and kneed me in the balls very hard. I lost my breath and fell to the floor. There she started kicking me in the balls as I tried to escape. Then a guy got on top of me, with my hands still cuffed behind my back and he forced his cock into my mouth.

I was totally straight until then. I did not have to suck long before he shot his load down my throat. My new GF said I was a natural fag. They pushed me on my stomoch, pulled my butt up and another woman with a strap on fucked my ass. I shot my load all over the floor. They made me lick it all up.

then they put my cock and balls in a chastity cage and padlocked it. They said I would be a good bitch and they would have fun with me.

I went to work the next day in my pink panties locked in chastity. Everytime I moved or walked my cock got hard and it hurt.

I got a phone call from a woman I did not know. She said I was to meet her in the parking lot at 5 pm. I went to get in my car and from behind I was blindfolded, hands cuffed behind my back and I was put in the trunk of a car. I was taken to a wooded area, stripped, ass and mouth fucked by at least 3 people. One was definitely a man because he fucked me with his cock. They uncuffed me, left me there nude except for my cage and I had no idea where I was. I found my panties but no other clothes. It took me almost 5 hours to find my way home. I had no keys and was hiding behind bushes. But, I had to go to my neighbors to help me climb in a window. He was nice enough to help me but fucked my ass after. Remember I was still cuffed and in chastity.

It was the next day when my GF came and unlocked the cuffs but not the cage.

I am now a total sex slave, bitch sissy fag. I love it now.